Complaint from American consul in Dublin, 1866
PRO HO 45/7799/76, Part 1, pp. 494-5

Consulate of the United States
of America, Dublin
February 20th. 1866
The Right Hon. the Attorney General
I take leave to draw your attention to the fact, of which you are, no doubt, already aware, that a large number of Citizens of the United States have recently been arrested and thrown into prison, without sworn informations against them or the slightest allegation of their guilt as I am informed. Many alleged cases of great hardship and unjustifiable harshness have been brought before me in the execution of the law by which the Habeas Corpus Act has been so suddenly suspended, and acted on without even an intimation that American Citizens would be made liable thereto, indiscriminately, and by which they might have been afforded the opportunity of leaving a country in which their liberties would be endangered even tho' they had transgressed no law that would justify their imprisonment. And altho' there may be grounds of suspicion of complicity with treasonable objects against some of those who have been thus deprived of their liberty yet, in all likelihood, many of them have not been guilty of any designs to subvert the civil order established in this Realm, and therefore justly complain of the treatment they have experienced from the authorities of this kingdom.

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