Eradicating electoral corruption
HLRO Original Journal, H.L., vol. 54, pp. 1982-83 (1821)

Adhuc 12 Die Aprilis 1821.
Had you an Interest in the Springs of Water or in the Bells of the Town?
No, I do not believe there are any there, I never heard any.
You say you believe those are not all the Persons to whom you lent Money; can you name any one?
Yes; there is a Man of the Name of Matthias Watts, William Allen, William Varcoe, Thomas Croggon, and Timothy Symons, making the Number Fifty.
Did you know any of those people?
I had no Acquaintance with any of them.
Had you ever seen any of them before?
I had seen Two or Three of them; I had seen very few of them before.
You are not in the habit of lending Money to Persons you have never seen before?
Certainly not.
Have the goodness to state why you lent this Money to those Persons?
The Money was certainly lent with a View to gaining an Interest in the Borough of Grampound, there is no Question about that, I will not deny if upon my Oath.
Cross examined.
John Croggon is not in that List?
I do not think his Name is here: I have read the Names of all I lent Money to.
From how many of those Persons at any Subsequent Time did you receive back Money?
I have received back from Two and Twenty.

Adhuc 12 Die Aprilis 1821.
Can you give their Names?
I can give their Names from a Paper I have in my Pocket.
The Witness produced a Paper.
Be so good as to state from whom you received back?
I did not receive it directly from those People, but from Isaac Watts, one of the Freemen of Grampound.
Do you know that the Money has been repaid?
I have received it from Thomas Kneebone, Philip Luke, Thomas Devonsher, Thomas Courtice, Francis Brown junior, Edward Panter, William Courtice, William Nancarrow, David Nancarow, Robert Cooke, Edward Luke, senior, Isaac Watts, Timothy Simmons, Matthias Watts, Thomas Coode, John Brown junior, Thomas Ham, Thomas Ham, junior, Robert Forde, Samuel Croggon, William Trudge, and Richard Ham.
You say you received the Money back?
When was it you received the Money back?
I received a part of it June the 29th: I received from Timothy Symons, together with the Interest of the Money, previous to the General Election.
How long previous to the General Election?
I suppose it might be a Week previous to


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