Chartist activity, 1839
PRO HO 65/10, ff. 23-4

8 & 9
J. Phillips Esq
Mayor in

Police Office November 13th 1839.
(Copy sent to each)
Tho[mas] Bateman Esq
High Sherriff in
County of Monmouth
I beg to inform you that one of the Chartist Delegates, and a member of the General Convention, left this town this morning on his way to Newport & Monmouth. Annexed I send you his description for your guidance, as well as a portion of his address to a meeting held here last evening.
  I am etc s[igne]d J Burgess
  Description - Cardo stands about 6 foot 1 inch - dark hair, small whiskers, rather broad shoulders, small across the lower part of his back - Dress, a black surtoat coat, black neckerchief, and black hat.
  Portion of his address -
  "The secret is to be found out yet, and that must be left till after I return from Newport when I arrive there I shall consider it my duty to go to the Hills of Wales, when I shall see the men of Wales, and then I shall get the whole transaction and truth about the late Riots at Newport - I shall endeavour to get an interview with Mr Frost before I return"

10 & 11
J. Phillips Esq
Mayor in

Nov[embe]r. 14th 1839.
(copy sent to each)
Tho[mas] Batemen Esq
High Sherriff

I beg to inform you that Cardo left this town by the Worcester Coach yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock for Gloucester, he could not book himself through for Newport or Monmouth.

I doubt not ere this the Commissioner's letter of yesterday has been duly received.

  I have etc s[igne]d R. A. Stephens
  Insp[ecto]r in Chief

S M Phillipps Esq

Home Office

Nov[embe]r. 19th 1839
  Dear Sir
The reports since I saw you have not been material, except as to showing that the meetings extend beyond what I had then discovered. There is one held at the Cross Guns Inn, Lancaster Street - our man Wilson got into it on Thursday Nov[embe]r 14, I send his report - he is the same man who reported best the meeting in Lawrence Street Chapel on Tuesday last Nov[embe]r 12th, you have the report, & from which the extract was made which I forwarded merely as a caution to the Mayor of Newport, but which he has so unjustifiably and indiscreet a manner

  manner given to the public - If such is to be the case it will be impossible to have confidential communications or to carry on the public business with safety - I have not written to the Mayor since - Cardo is expected to address a large meeting tonight, a placard is posted to that effect - it will be held at the Lawrence St[ree]t Chapel as before, and purports to be for the benefit of the wives etc of Collins, and Lovett - Cardo advertizes that he shall give an account of his arrest etc, and no doubt will make the most of the Welsh people's indiscretion, and give me and the Government a share of his abuse.

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