Report of Martha Appleton's accident, 1859
PRO HO 45/6753

REPORT OF ACCIDENT - To Robert Baker, Esq., Inspector of Factories.
Name, Age, and Occupation of Person injured Martha Appleton At 13
a Scavenger
Name of Firm, situation of the Factory in which the Accident occurred, and nature of the work carried on Messrs. William Woods & Son
Coll sp & w
Date of Accident Monday Augst. 8th 1859
Nature of Accident Loss of all the fingers of the left hand
Statement made to me by the injured person as to the cause of Accident, the hour of the day when it happened, and how that person was employed at the time About 6.45 a.m. on Monday last I was at the back of the wheel house putting some bobbins in, when a giddiness came over me, and my hand slipped between the driving and the man douser wheels of the self acting Mules.


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