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Citizen or subject?

Making history
Domesday book
Magna Carta

Citizenship 1066-1625

Peasants' Revolt

Cecily Neville - 'queen by right'
Medieval women

Union of crowns
James VI of Scotland and I of England

Local history: Birmingham 1066-1625

Rise of Parliament

Making history
Death warrant of Charles I1689
Bill of Rights

Citizenship 1625-1789

Highland clearances

Uniting the kingdom?
Act of Union with Scotland 1707

John Lilburne - Leveller leader
Politics of the English Civil War

Local history: Birmingham 1625-1789

The struggle for democracy

Making history
Inquiry into the slave trade 1792
Poor Law Amendment Act 1834

Citizenship 1789-1906

Britain and the French Revolution

Child labour

John Lovell and the People's Charter
Parliamentary & electoral reform

Local history: Birmingham 1789-1906

Brave new world

Making history
Representation of the People Act 1918
Beveridge Report

Citizenship 1906-2003

Postwar immigration

Civil and human rights

Edward Heath- European citizen

Local history: Birmingham 1906-65

Document studies

Origins and growth of Parliament

Outside the law
Going into exile
Legal position of foreigners

Document studies


Religious minorities

Document studies

Trade unionism

Getting the vote

Citizens of empire
Imperial expansion
Unequal treatment and rights
'Irish Question'

Document studies

The welfare state

Women's rights

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