Stamping out Leveller publications, 1649
Catalogue reference: SP 25/63, f. 4, p. 7

These are to will & require you forthwith upon sight hereof to make your repaire to any place, where you shall understand the person of John Lilburne Lt. Col. to be or to any House, lodging or place to him appertayning, and there you shall make search for & seize upon a certaine booke intituled an impeachm[en]t ag[ains]t L. Gen[era]ll Cromwell & his Son in Law Henry Ireton, & for all other scandalous seditious & treasonable bookes & pamphlets & other papers ag[ains]t the governm[en]t of the Com[m]onwealth, all w[hi]ch bookes by you soe seized, you shall bring to this Councell. And all Officers both Civill and Military are hereby required to be ayding & assisting unto you in the execuc[i]on hereof of all w[hi]ch you are not to fayle & for w[hi]ch this shall be your warrant. Geven at the Councell of State at Whitehall this 20 Aug. 1649
To Edward Dandy Esq. etc.

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