'So great a branch of his Revenue endangered'
Catalogue reference: SP 44/28

Whitehall, Sept[embe]r 17th 1672
Sir Robert
This morning the King being in Coucell there were complaints made against you by the Comm[immisione]r of ye Trea[su]ry as to having countenanced divers smiths in and about Bermingham in their disobedience concerning the payment of his Ma[jes]ties duty of Hearthmoney. It will be easy for you to conceive how sensible the King must be to hear of so great a branch of his Revenue endangered; and under the countenance of one that hath always appeared not onely loyall but affectionate to his Ma[jes]tys service as you have done. His Ma[jes]ty hath upon the whole thought good to appoint me to signify his pleasure to you, that you doe as speedily as you can repaire hither to appeare at the Councill board to answer such objections as will be made to you upon this particular: Which I hope you will doe so far to his Ma[jes]ties satisfacion as you may be entirely restored to the former place you had in his good opinion. I doubt not, Sir, of your compliance with his Ma[jes]ties command in your speedy coming up; and I hope you doe as little in my being
Your very humble servant
H Coventry
To Sir Robert Holt Bar[one]t at Aston
To be left at Coventry

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