England's Jews
Catalogue reference: SP 34/37, f. 173
Catalogue reference: HO 55/18/18

To the Queen's most Excellent Majesty.
may it please your Majesty.
The humble Petition of Nathan Simpson and Samuel Levy of London Merchants in behalf of themselves and Moses Levy Moses Michalls Moses Hart and Mordica Nathan now liveing in New York in America Merchants.

At the Court at Kensington 9th May 1712

Her Maj[es]ty is graciously pleased to referr this Petition to Mr. Attorney or Mr Sollicitor General to consider thereof & Report his Opinion what her Maj[es]ty may fitly do therein, whereupon her Maj[es]ty will Declare her further pleasure

H St John

Humbly Sheweth
That your Petitioners are of the Jewish Religion - Merchants resideing within your Majesty's Dominions and finding themselves lye under many difficultys in their Trades as Merchants for want of being free Denizons [sic] to your Majesty
Your Petitioners therefore most humbly Beseech your Majesty in behalf of themselves and the others above mentioned now living in New York that they may pertake of your Majestys Royall favour to be made Denizons [sic] of Great Britain and esteem'd as such within your Majesty's Dominions in such manner as your Royall Majesty shall think fitt.
And your Peticon[e]rs shall ever pray for your Royall Majesty as in Duty bound &c.
Nathan Simpson, Samuell Levy, and Moses Levy, three of the Petitioners are Persons well known to me, they are of the Jewish Nation and were (and I suppose still are) considerable Traders in New York at the time I had the honour to serve her most Sacred Majesty as Governor of that Province, and during that time behaved themselves as good Subjects ought to doe all which I most humbly certifie this 21st day of Aprill 1712.
Nathan Simson
Samuell Levy
The persons in the petition nott mentioned by my Lord Clarendon are very well known to severall of the best Jews in London & perticulerly [sic] to my self & well deserving of her Majestys favor
Joseph Levy

To the King's most Excellent Majesty,-
The humble Address of the several Communities of Jews
Residing in this Kingdom -
May it please your Sacred Majesty, -
Graciously to accept the humble and sincere Congratulations of your truly Loyal Subjects, the several Communities of Jews residing in this Kingdom. who with all humility presume to lay at your Royal Feet their heart-felt joy for the happy re-establishment of your Majesty's health. -
When the Almighty was pleased to afflict these Kingdoms with your Majesty's late indisposition; We were early and perservering in joining the rest of your Majesty's faithful Subjects with supplications to the Omnipotent for Mercy-
To the God of Israel our prayers were directed, He has been graciously pleased to answer us propitiously, And the recovery of your Majesty's invaluable health has restored happiness to your People.-
As much impressed by our Religious principles as by the full sense of the many benefits we enjoy under the protection of your Majesty's Government, the equity of the Laws and the liberal Spirit of the British Nation our duty and inclination unite in devoting our prayers to the Almighty disposer of Events for the long continuation of your Majesty's health and Government, and the Glory and encreasing felicity of your Kingdoms-
Moses Isaac Levy Eleazer Isaks Heyser

Deputed by the several Communities.

Jacob Morris L. Desymonu
Daniel de Castro Joseph Gomperly
David Alves Rebello Eleazer Philip Salomons
Abraham Lopes Pereira Nathan Salomons  
David Samuda  

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