Income Tax Act, 1799
HLRO HL/PO/PU/1/1799/39G3n15

Le Roy remercie ses bons sujets accepte leur benevolence et ainsi le veult
[The King thanks his good subjects accepts their benevolence and wishes it thus]
Soit baille aux Seigneurs a ceste Bille les Seignieurs sont assentus
[Let it be referred to the Lords ........ to this Bill the Lords assent]


Most Gracious Sovereign

We your Majesty's most dutiful and loyal subjects the commons of Great Britain in parliament assembled being desirous to raise an ample contribution for the prosecution of the war and taking notice that provisions made for that purpose by an act of the last session of parliament intituled "An act for granting to his majesty an aid and contribution for the prosecution of the war" have in sundry instances been greatly evaded and that many persons are not assessed under the said act in a just proportion to their means of contributing to the public service have cheerfully and voluntarily given and granted and do by this act give and grant unto your Majesty the several and respective rates and duties hereinafter mentioned [........]

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