Thoughts concerning the Highlands
Catalogue reference: SP 54/35/8B, pp. 46-7

Extract of Some Thoughts concerning the State of the Highlands of Scotland -
It will be no difficult matter to have the Disarming Act executed amongst the well affected highlanders; But it will require a considerable Standing Force, & that for Some Years, to disarm, & effectually to prevent the Use of Arms amongst the Rebellious Highlanders.
For as the Districts, in which They reside, because the Asperity of the Surface, & the total Want of Accommodation, & of the Common Conveniences of Living, with which His Maj[es]ty's other Subjects are accustomed, are seldom, if ever, visited by Strangers, The Clan, or Kindred, may continue to do, amongst Themselves, what They think fit. Offences against the Disarming Act, may be committed without Discovery; and when discovered, It will be no easy Matter to bring the Offenders to Justice: Not to mention the Possibility of attainted Persons, or other Emissaries from France, coming amongst them without the Danger of being hear'd of; far less of being seized by the Government.
To obviate these Difficulties, It seems absolutely necessary, that Some Force, more or less, be placed in the Several Straths, Glens, or Districts, where those Lawless Highlanders reside; To keep a constant Communication with Each Other; To observe what passes, and give Notice to the next Commanding Officer; And to execute Such Orders, as They shall receive.
To effectuate This, in the Way the most practicable, & which, at the Same Time would be attended with a Train of other advantageous Consequences, It is proposed, that Five, or Six different Stations, in the Body of the Highlands, be pitched upon; in Each of which, Ten, or Twelve Companies may be placed; And, from which, Small Parties may be detached to the Several Straths, or Glens, etc., in the Neighbourhood of Such Stations, to prevent the Wearing Arms, etc., all Intercourse between the Inhabitants, & attainted Persons; And to assist in the Execution of all Warrants by Civil Officers.
That Each Station be secured by some Slight Fortification, in the most unexpensive Way, As They are to be made Use of no longer than till the Disarming Scheme is sufficiently executed.
That, at every Such Station, a Parcel of Ground be set off, to be built on by Sutlers, Butchers, Malsters, Bakers, and all other Tradesmen, & Dealers, who may find their Account in carrying on their Business at those Stations.
That Power be given to Some proper Person, at each Station, to set off the Ground, that may be fit for any Undertaker to build on, And that a Property in the Ground be given to the Undertaker.
That, at the Several Stations, Spinning Schools be set up, to draw the idle Females of those Countries into that Manufacture; And that Weavers be stationed there, so soon as there is Spinning sufficient to set them to Work.
That so soon as any Collection of industrious People is thus brought together, His Majesty do erect the Villages, with Such further Limits as

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