The 'Torn Journal', 1621
HLRO Manuscript Journal, H.C., vol. 11 (18 December 1621)

Mr. Sp[eaker] going into his chayre Mr. S[erjean]t Ashley reported the draught of Thankes to his Ma[jes]tie.

Which reade by the Clerke.

And uppon Question the same was allowed and ordered to be sent to his Maj[es]tie to be engrossed presently and sent by Mr. Ch[ancellor] of the Duchy Sir H. Mildm[ay] Sir Geor. Goring and Mr. Murray.

The same being presently engrossed was reade agayn by the Clerke Mr. Sp[eaker] examining the originall coppy and being allowed was sent to Mr. Chanc[ellor] of the Duchy by Sir J. Horsey.

Mr. Sp[eaker] agayne in his chayre.

Mr. Sp[eaker] moveth to have a Tyme appointed for Mr. Golds[ymyth] to be here.

Ordered Mr. Goldsm[yth] shall be here to morrow morning at 8 of the Clocke and the papers concerning him to be then here.

Mr. Sp[eaker] to be here agayne at F[our] of the Clocke.

post meridiem

Mr. Sp[eaker] taking his chayre Mr. S[erjean]t Ashley from the grand Co[mmit]tee presenteth to the howse a draught of the protestation concerning the priveledges of the howse.

The Protestacion reade several tymes and upon Question allowed and ordered to be presently entred of Record in the iournal of the howse and every member of the howse that will to have [page torn] of it.

King James in Councill wth his own hand rent out this P[ro]testation.
Rush[worth] Collect[ions] fol: 56: e.

[page torn]


[2nd page]

[page torn]

Ordered Sir Ro. Phill[ippes] shall [page torn] to the howse the writings [page torn]

Goldsm[yth] and Lepton.

S[i]r Nath. Rich and Mr. Glanv[yle] move that [page torn] Goldsm[yth] and Leptons busynesse done report may be made of the greivances handled yesterday concerning the Staplers Brewers Glasse patent and patent restrayning fishing in Newfound land.

And ordered accordingly

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