First Act of Parliament kept at Westminster, 1497
HLRO HL/PO/PU/1/1497/12H7n1

H. R. Soit baile a Seigneurs

To the Kynge our Soveigne Lord Prayen yower Comyns in this p[re]sent Parlyament assemblyd that where the comyn Weale and profyte of yower inhabytauntes Withyn yower Countie of Norff have in tyme passed be by the dewe occupacyon of makyng of Worstedes Sayes and Stamyns whiche occupacyon nowgh is like to decaye for as mych as thoccupiers of the same may not have eny apprentice but if his fadyr may dyspende londes or rentes to the valow of xx s. by yere of whiche abylyte can fewe or noone be hadde to be apprentyce Soo that for lakke of Apprentices the seid occupacyon is like to be sett aparte and in tyme to come to be utterly destroyed whiche shulde be the losse of the comon Weale of yower seid Countie and thempov[er]ysshyng of thenhabytauntes of the same That it may lyke yower Highnes of yower most benygne grace in Consyderacion of the p[re]mysses by thassent of yower Lordes spyrytuall and temporall and of the Comyns in this p[re]sent Parlyament assembled and by auctoryte of the same be enacted ordeyned and establysshed that ev[er]y p[er]sone of thafforseid occupacyon withyn yower Countie of Norff the whiche the iiij Wardeyns of the seid occupacyon withyn yower forseid Countie yerly chosen shall enable to kepe appreentice Shall by this p[re]sent acte be at lybtie to take and kepe at all tymes oone or too apprentyces eny p[er]sone or p[er]sones hereafter putt to thafforseid occupacyon Soo that he passe not twoo at ones at the most And in lykewyse hereafter ev[er]y p[er]sone shall be at libtye to putt eny apprentice to thafforseid occupacyon eny Acte or ordynaunce affore made to the contrarye notwithstondyng.

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