Petition against Bodrugan
Catalogue reference: KB 27/852, m. 35

To the kyng our liege lord - Pytuously and in the most lamentable wyse complayneth unto your ryghtwys grace your fefthfull and true power subgettis liegemen and servauntes John Arundell of Talvern in the counte of Cornewayle Gentilman being within thage of xvi yere, John Penpons esquyer, William Carnsuyowe esquyer and Otys Phylypp yoman of your corone to call unto your gracious remembraunce the grete and lamentable complayntes of many and grete multitude of your true power subgettys of your seid counte of Cornewayle aswell of divers tymes brekyn your leages auntees and savecondites, rubberyes, dispoylereys of marchauntys straungers being under the same lieges amytes and savecondictes as of other dyvers other murthres, robberyes aswell be water as by lande ravysshmentes of women extorcions oppersions, riottys, unlawfull assembles entrees with force and wranfull enprisonamentes committed and doon by Henry Bodrugan late of Bodrugan in the seid counte esquyer otherwise called Henry Trenowith late of Bodrugan late of Bodrugan in the seid counte esquyer unto the seid straungers and your seid subgettys. And the same continued unto the tyme that they aswell for theyr enlarging as for the suertees of theyr lyves had madde fine and raunsom to the seid Henry Bodrugan att his will for fere of which robberys and tyranny don by the seid Henry Bodrugan unto the seid merchauntys straungers ther dare no merchaunt estraunge resorte ne come in to your seid counte for the merchauntes of the same counte darnot passé in to noon of the parties be yond the see for doute that they theyr shyppes goodes and marchaundises shuld be arrested and taken in recompense of the seid robberys through the which the grete profites that was wunte to growe by the entercours of merchandises in the seyd shyre ys utterly decayed and brought att nowte. And also ye soverayn lord therby have lost your custume that shuld belonge unto by reason of the same. And the seid counte nowe brought in grete desolacoun…..

PRO KB 27/852 m.33(b)

…..And therupponn by thavyce and assent of the lordys spirituall and temporall and the comens in this present parleament assembled and by thauctorite of the same to ordeyne establyssh and enacte that suche and as meny writes of proclamacion as shall be thought necessary be made out of your chauncery directed unto your shyrfs of London and Middlesex comaundyng theyme by the same upon the payne of a m mark that they within ii dayes next after the resceyte of theym or eny of theyme of the seid writte or writes do make opyn proclamacions made appere in his proper persone be fore you soverayn in your benche ther to answere. And answere un to the maters conteyned in the seid writte or writes and to all and every byll or billes accion or accions that shalbe sued ther or in your chauncery or a fore you soverayn lorde and the lordes of your counseill ayenst the seyd Henry Bodrugan by your seid suppliauntys or eny of theym or eny other persone or persones aswell your lieges as other being under your amyte liege and saveconductes the same proclamacion so made and returned yf then the seyd Henry Bodrugan appere as ys aforeseyd that then he by the justices of the seid benche be committed to the prison of Neugate in London ther in Warde to abide without bayle or maynpryse unto the tyme that the seid maters conteyned in the seid writte or writes accion or accions bill or billez and every of theym.

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