Grant of alien subsidy to Edward IV, 1483

In 1483 Parliament granted a second alien subsidyGlossary - opens new window to Edward IV, for one year, for the 'tuition and defence' of the realm. Under its terms, an alien was defined as anyone not born in the realm or who had not become a denizenGlossary - opens new window. The grant sets out the different rates at which aliens were to be assessed. Clearly there was no uniform treatment of foreigners: some were accorded more favourable treatment than others. Alien householders were subject to the standard rate of 6s 8d, non-householders to 2s. Alien brewers paid 20s, while merchants, brokers and attorneys from Venice, Genoa, Florence, Milan, Catalonia and Lombardy resident in the realm for 3 years or more paid 15s, and those who were neither denizens nor householders paid 20s.
Catalogue reference: C 65/113, no. 9 (1483)



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