Read On * 1901: Living at the Time of the Census Living in 1901

Parliamentary Papers
Board of Trade Report by Miss Colett on Money Wages of Indoor Domestic Servants  [1899 C.9346]

1901 Census of England and Wales General Report with Appendices  [1904 Cd.2174]

Code of Regulations for Day Schools, with Schedules and Appendices  [1901 Cd.513]

Report of the Committee Appointed by the Board of Trade to Inquire into Certain Questions Affecting the Mercantile Marine  [1903 Report Cd.1607; Evidence Cd.1608; Appendix, Analysis of Evidence & Subject Index Cd.1609]

Report of the Inter-Departmental Committee on the Employment of School Children  [1902 Report Cd.849; Evidence, Index & Appendices Cd.895]

Report of the Inter-Departmental Committee on Physical Deterioration  [1904 Report Cd.2175; Witnesses & Minutes of Evidence Cd.2210; Appendix & General Index Cd.2186]

Report of the Royal Commission on Arsenical Poisoning from the Consumption of Beer and other Articles of Food and Drink  [1901 1st Report Cd.692; 1904 Final Report Cd.1845; Evidence Cd.1848; Index Cd.1869]

Report on Changes in Rates of Wages and Hours of Labour in the U.K., with Comparative Statistics for 1900-1908  [1910 Cd.5324]

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