Bessy Schiffenbaum, who was unable to go to secondary school.

(Courtesy of Tower Hamlets Local History Library & Archive and Jerry White)

Transcript of Bessy Schiffenbaum's interview

"My father still went to work until the shop began to pay, my two brothers were then, ... my younger brother was learning the tailoring, my older brother was working for a German firm in Chislehurst Street. So who should be in the shop? Me. I cried my eyes out! I said, 'Well why am I taking French, why am I taking extra' - my spelling wasn't very good. You see I was very good in everything, but spelling somehow - But then so Miss Roberts [the headmistress] coached me and I became very proficient, very good. And she was as upset as I was, even more so. So I never went for Matric."