The Year 1901
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President McKinley of the United States is shot by the anarchist Leon Czolgosz at New York. He dies eight days later and is replaced by Vice-President Roosevelt. President McKinley - link to enlarged version

Boer general Smuts invades Cape Colony and defeats 17th Lancers at Battle of Elands River. Peace of Beijing formally ends the Boxer Rising with China paying indemnities. More on China.


The new turbine-powered destroyer HMS Cobra sinks in the North Sea with the loss of 67 lives. The official enquiry blames structural weaknesses.
Riots at Grimsby during dispute between fishermen and trawler owners.


Garden City Association meets at Birmingham to promote the building of new towns in the countryside. More on housing.


The Asante kingdom is annexed to the Gold Coast Colony (Ghana) by Order-in-Council. More on Ghana.

  29 Anti-war demonstration in Regent's Park broken up.

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