The Year 1901
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US President McKinley enters his second term of office.

Nine Irish MPs are forcibly ejected by police from the House of Commons after they intensified their policy of obstructing the business of Parliament (in order to draw attention to the' Home Rule' question) by refusing to vote on a division or withdraw on the Speaker's order.

Lord Wolseley, former Commander-in-Chief of the British army, and Lord Lansdowne, former Secretary of State for War, clash in the House of Lords as to whether the War Office or the military command is to blame for the failure to end the war in South Africa. More on the war in South Africa.


Duke of Cornwall and York (the future King George V) and his wife embark on a world tour of the Dominions aboard the Ophir. The Times later claims this to have been one of the most important events of 1901.More on the British Empire.

The Ophir at sea  -  link to enlarged version
  29 Grudon wins the Grand National steeplechase in a snowstorm. 
  30 Oxford wins the Boat Race, beating Cambridge by half a length, in 22 minutes and 31 seconds.

Census of the United Kingdom records population of England and Wales as 32,526,075.
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'Filling in the census paper' - link to enlarged version

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