The Year 1901
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The Doherty brothers beat the American champions in the men's mixed doubles at Wimbledon. Mrs Sterry wins the Ladies' Championship.

London Guildhall rally passes a vote of 'complete confidence' in the government's policy in South Africa, protesting against the 'unpatriotic attacks of their opponents'.


Earl Russell is found guilty of bigamy by the House of Lords and is sentenced to three months' imprisonment in Holloway gaol despite claiming that he believed his divorce and remarriage in Nevada, USA, were valid. More on the Russell case.

Trial of Earl Russell - link to enlarged version
  22 In the case of the Taff Vale Company -v- the Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants, the House of Lords rules that a trades union can be sued as a corporate body. This means victory for the company, which was suing for £23,000 in damages caused by striking members. Cheque in payment of the rail union's fine -  link to enlarged version

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