Dr Johnson's Will
PROB 1/19

...and Doctor William Scott of Doctor's Commons in Trust for the following uses, That is to say, to pay to the Representatives of the late William Innys Bookseller in St Pauls Church Yard the Sum of two Hundred Pounds, To Mrs. White my female Servant one Hundred Pounds Stock in the Three per Cent Annuities aforesaid, the rest of the aforesaid Sums of Money and Property, together with my Books, Plate and Household Furniture I leave to the before-mentioned Sir Joshua Reynolds, Sir John Hawkins and Dr. William Scott also in Trust to be applied, after paying my Debts, to the Use of Francis Barber my Man Servant a Negro in such Manner as they shall judge most fit and available to his Benefit. And I appoint the aforesaid Sir Joshua Reynolds, Sir John Hawkins and Doctor William Scott sole Executors of this my last Will and Testament, hereby re-...

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