Equiano Protests
T 1/643, no. 681, f. 87

Nautilus, Plymouth Sound, March 21st, 1787.
     I am sorry to be under the necessity of complaining to you of the conduct of Mr. Gustavus Vasa, which has been, since he held the situation of Commissary, - turbulent, & discontented, taking every means to actuate the minds of the Blacks to discord: & I am convinced that unless some means are taken to quell his spirit of sedition, it will be fatal to the peace of the settlement, & dangerous to those intrusted with the guiding it.
     I am equally chagrined to say that I do not find Mr. Irwin the least calculated to conduct this business: as I have never observed any wish of his to facilitate the sailing of the Ships, or any steps taken by him which might indicate that he had the welfare of the people the least at heart. -
     The general conduct of the Blacks, since the Transports have been under my orders, has been troublesome & discontented, I have taken such methods as I could, to keep them in order, but as these have yet failed, I fear, as I am not authorized to take any rigorous steps, unless You interfere, the people who are instrusted with the care of them, will be inadequate to accomplish the designs of Government.
     As Mr. Irwin the director, has declared to me his intention of leaving the Ships, & going immediately to London, I beg to know your instructions how I am to act, & have the honor to be, Gentlemen, &c: &c: &c:
Tho[mas] B[enjami]n Thompson
Geo[rge] Marsh
to The Principal Officers
& Commissioners of His Majesty's Navy.

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