Black Loyalists' Claims Refused
AO 12/99, f. 83 (3 Sept 1783)
AO 12/99, f. 29 (3 Sept 1783)
AO 12/99, f. 361 (1 Sept 1783

Jackson. J[oh]n a Black
New York
3 [r]d Septem[be]r 1783      He is a Native of New York & was freeborn, he was in Trade for himself (Heell & Last maker) when the Rebellion broke out his property consisted of Stock in Trade & Household Goods worth altogether about 150 £. The Rebels when they were in Possession of New York took all his property from him because he would not serve under them & they took him prisoner into Jersey but he escaped to New York when the British Troops were in Possession of it, he then went on Board of a Ship & he remained so till he came to England when he was pressed & was on Board the Shrewsbury with Admiral Keppel on the 27th of July in which Engagem[en]t he lost his Leg, He married since he came to England
       There is no Certificate annexed to his Memorial but he says he can procure one, he is desired to do it from some person of Character who knew him at New York

     This Man proves no part of his Case & from the Circumstance of his being desired to send in some Certificates a Month ago & not having done it. We conclude that it is not in his power to do it. He like all the other Blacks pretends to be freeborn in which Circumstance likewise we Conclude that we are deceived for probably in fact (instead of being Sufferers by the War) most of them have gained their Liberty & therefore come with every ill grace to ask for the bounty of Government We have no Scruple in saying that Mr. Jackson is entitled to nothing from Government.

  Prince, Prince, a Black  Connecticut
3 [r]d Septem[be]r 1783. He was born in America & was freeborn. He lived at Stoney Town in Connecticut at the Commencement of the troubles & followed the Business of Farming - He had 70 or 80 Acres in that Town which he got from his Father & he says they were at least worth 50 £. He has a Wife & one Child who are left behind in America about 7 years ago he was obliged to serve in a Rebel Privateer or come away. He came away & went on Board a Man of War & has served at Sea ever since in the English Navy.
  There is no Certificate Annex'd to his Memorial But he thinks he can produce some proof of the truth of his Case He is desired to do it. At present he is in no way of getting his Bread but he will endevour to do it, he is 32 years of Age.

  This Man does not pretend to have had property of much value but he gives no proof of that little which he pretends to, its therefore impossible for us to make any other report in this Case, than that he is not entitled to any thing from Government.

Smithers Anth[on]y, a Black.
1st Sept[embe]r 1783. Was born free he lived in Gloucester County when the Rebellion broke out. He had an House & Furniture 14 Acres of Land, 4 Horses, 1 Dozen Sheep, & 3 Dozen of Poultry of which he produces a Schedule but there is no Certificate annexed to it but her says he can get it Certified by a person of Character & he mentions his name Mr Light a Carpenter who lives in London & he lived within two Miles of him in America. He joined the British Army when the City of Philadelphia was taken & has been with them ever since He Values his property at 720 £ Sterl[in]g he got the Property from his Father who obtained it from his Master, his father died free, He is 23 Years of Age, he was only 16 when he joined the Army at Philadelphia, He is desired to give some proof of this, & to send in a Certificate.

Decision on the Case of Anthony Smithers.
Ent[ere]d No Part of this Case being established by Proof & a reasonable time having been given to the memorialist to produce some proof of it We think ourselves at Liberty after waiting a Month for Certificates to decide upon it as a Case which cannot be proved & therefore we are of Opinion that this Man is not entitled to receive any thing from Government.
  It is proper for us to explain our Reasons for so deciding after a Certificate has been produced But it is a Certificate signed by two Persons to whom we pay no Credit, manifestly made for another Person & carrying evident marks of fraud upon the face of it - it is singular that the Certificate speaks of Houses & Lands - whereas the Memorialist pretends only to have had one House.


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