The Choice of Sierra Leone
T 1/634, no. 1903, f. 86

Batson's Coffeehouse
Wednesday the 26th. July 1786.
Mr. Andrews
Mr. Shaw
Mr. Peters
Mr. Hanway in the Chair

     Five of the Deputies of the Blacks &c appeared before this Committee and represented that the Blacks in general were not inclined to go to any of the Bahama Islands, apprehending that they cannot find a support there, but that they are willing to go to Sierra Leona, and in confidence of their being, able to live there and obtain their Bread in comfort they mentioned a Person now residing in London who is a native of that country and gives them assurance that all the natives are fond of the English & would receive them joyfully.

     That           be desired to attend this Committee next Friday at 1 O'Clock prepared with a Detail in writing of what he knows of Sierra Leona, that from thence, if it should be thought fit and proper, a Report may be made to the Lords of the Treasury for their Resolution in case their Lordships should revert to the Plan of Sierra Leona as the fittest accommodation for the Blacks or otherwise to adhere to the Design of the Bahama Islands.

     That a distinct List be made of the Asiatic Blacks on the Printed Paper, specifying their Age and Employment when they were brought into this country and by whom, with a view to communicate the same to the Directors of the East India Company, also a List of such as were brought over in the King's Ships, and that a Duplicate of each be respectively supplied to the Court of Directors of the East India Company and also the Navy Board.

     That a Copy of these Minutes be sent to George Rose Esq[uire]

Adjourned to Friday the 28th. Inst.

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