White Loyalists Claim Compensation

These are extracts from claims for compensation made by Jane and Zacharias Gibbes of South Carolina - who, associated documents indicate, were husband and wife. The records are unclear as to the result of their claims, but in general White Loyalists were much more likely to receive compensation than Black Loyalists were.

Some interesting details emerge from these documents. Claims made by Jane Gibbes relate to the estates of her two previous husbands: a Major Downes killed by 'rebels' in 1781 and, before that, William Lindsay whose slaves ran away to join the British army. Zacharias Gibbes also claimed for slaves, among other property, putting his total losses at over £2,500.

AO 12/46, pp. 245, 248 (15 and 16 Dec 1783)
AO 12/46, pp. 151, 157 (4 and 5 Dec 1783)









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