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Black Presence:
Asian and Black History in Britain, 1500-1850



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Introduction: Arriving in Britain Glossary
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Interactive Learning Journeys

A Virtual Tour of Black and Asian Presence in London, Bristol and Liverpool

An 18th Century Voyage of Discovery

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Interactive (flash) version
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Early Times

Africa and the Caribbean


Work and Community



Black Moors in Scotland West Africa before the Europeans India before the Europeans Relationships and Religion Abolition of the Slave Trade Music
Black Settlers in Tudor Times Africa and the Atlantic Slave Trade India and the British Servants, Ayahs and Alternative Employment Emancipation The Theatre
John Blanke, Black Trumpeter Britain and the Trade Forced Labour Fighting for the Empire Slave or Free? Literature
Adventurers and Slavers The Caribbean and the Trade   On the High Seas The Gordon Riots Influencing Britain
Elizabeth I The Caribbean and Resistance   The Black Poor The Cato Street Conspiracy Representing 'Blackness'
      The Wealthy Few Chartists 'Curiosities' and Exhibits
      Black Loyalists    

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