A Black Servant Sues her Employers, 1690
Middlesex Country Records, Sessions Books, no. 472

Middlesex County Records.
Order upon the petition of Katherine Auker, a black. Shows she was servant to one Robert Rich, a planter in Barbadoes, and that about six years since she came to England with her master and mistress; she was baptized in the parish Church of St. Katherine's, near the Tower, after which her said master and mistress tortured and turned her out: her said master refusing to give her a discharge, she could not be "entertained in service elsewhere." The said Rich caused her to be arrested and imprisoned in the "Pulletry Cempter," London. Prays to be discharged from her said master, he being in Barbadoes. Ordered that the said Katherine shall be at liberty to serve any person until such time as the said Rich shall return from Barbadoes... p. 41


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