Slave Trading Continues
CO 167/44, no. 8

      In the town of Port Louis, in the Island of Mauritius, and at the residence of Sir Robert Barclay Baronet, one of the Judges, of the Special Court, for the trial of offences, committed at Sea, as established at the said Island.
      In the matter of the Seizure of Ninety two newly imported Blacks, and five white men.
       In pursuance of an order, from Major General Hall, Acting Governor, President of the Special Court, aforesaid, etc., etc., etc., personally appeared before the said Sir Robert Barclay Baronet, one of the Judges of the Special Court as aforesaid, this seventh Day of March, in the year of our Lord One Thousand, Eight hundred, and eighteen, David Woods, a Serjeant, belonging to His Majesty's Fifty sixth Regiment, who, being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God, to declare the truth, in all things, whereunto he shall be interrogated, and being interrogated, by the said Judge, with the assistance of Jean Marie Martin Visieux, the King's Attorney General, and in the presence, of the Registrar of the said Court, accordingly deposeth, and saith, Viz:-
+ Le Brun,
P. Kz Reg[istra]r
     Being asked whether he accompanied Lieutenant Campbell, to the habitation, occupied by Madame Veuve +, situated, in the district of Plaines Wilhems, for the purpose, of seizing the newly imported Negroes, and the five white men found thereon.
       Answers in the affirmative.
       Being asked, on what day, and at what hour, he proceeded to the said Habitation, upon that service.

     Answers, about Eight of the clock, on the evening, of the third day, of this instant month...
+ admittance, [signature] PKz
...imported Blacks, and on the said principal house, Lieutenant Campbell, demanded admittance but was refused, and Deponent further saith, that the Building continued shut up, until the arrival of the Civil Commissary Mr. Cazeaux.
Colour Serg[ean]t, 56th. Reg[imen]t.
Robert Barclay
one of the Judges of the special court
Attorney General
Philip Krumpholtz

Eight words erased made nul and void
(a true copy)
Philip Krumpholtz

Special Court of Vice Admiralty Mauritius
No. 8.
of the Deposition of Sergeant David Woods.
In the matter
The Seizure of Ninety two newly imported Blacks, and five white men.

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