Conspirators' Hideout in Cato Street
Guildhall Library 23638

W. H. Harriott ???sc 28 Febr[uary] 1820
Printed by F. Moser, 4 Greenland Place Cromer St. price s1/. plain - 2s/. colored
(No. 2.)
INTERIOR VIEW of the HAY LOFT where Thistlewood & the Conspirators assembled to assassinate His Majesty's Ministers on the night of Wednesday the 3rd Feb[ruar]y 1820.
A. Carpenters Bench on which the candles, Daggers, Guns, Pistols, & Grenades were placed, previous to delivery
B. Ladder by which the Police Officers ascended, - very narrow. -
C. The exact Spot where Smithers the Police Officer (one of the Patrols) was killed. -
D.D. Two Apertures from the Hay Loft to the Hayrack, thro' which it is supposed many of the Conspirators escaped in the Dark. -
E. Window looking to Cato Street. -
F. Door of the Hay Loft as seen from the Street - firmly closed. -
G. Shutter used for the window. -
H. Entrance to the small room, into which Thistlewood retreated, & where he stabbed Smithers.
I. A small Room, not used for any particular purpose. -
K. Rail upon which the Conspirators mounted to escape by the back window.
L. Drawer with marks of blood. -
M. Top of a large Chest. -
(Size of the Room 16 ft. by 12 ft. - )

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