Extract from Alexander Selkirk’s deposition
TNA: PRO ref: C 24/1321 (1712)

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Jur[at] 18 July 1712 Pro Cresswell Ar[miger] & ux[or] c[ontra] Dampier & a[li]o[s] Alexander Selkirke Mariner Aged 32 years or thereab[ou]ts lodging at M[aste]r Thomas Roaquillos house neer St Catherines in the County of Midd[lese]x being p[ro]duced etc Saith. That this Dep[onen]t sayled the voyage now in qu[est]tion on board the ship Cinque Ports Galley as Ma[s]t[er] of her & she was then when she went out of the River of Thames a good new ship in very good Condic[i]on as to Body Masts Sayles Furniture stores & all other app[er]tences only wanted sheathing & was very well fitted out in all things & was reckoned to be then & was as this Dep[onent] believes then worth 2000 li. & she at Kingsale in Ireland joyned in Company with the ship St George in the Juwrry menc[i]oned which was an old ship but in very good Condic[i]on & strong & fitted out for the s[ai]d voyage in all things and stores & was comped to be worth & was as the Deponent believes worth 4000 li. or thereab[ou]ts reckoning in her Body Masts Tackle Stores & appertenances and the Dep[onent] saith that Charles Pickering went as Cap[tain] of the s[ai]d Cinque Portes Galley the s[ai]d voyage & Michael Cobham went out agent or Purser of her & the Defe[ndant] W[illia]m Dampier went out the said voyage Cap[tain] of the s[ai]d ship St George & one Morgan was Purser or agent of her the sayd voyage and this Dep[onent] saith that the first time the Dep[onent] [saw the ships ?] Duke and dutchess was when this Dep[onent] was the s[ai]d voyage upon the Island of John Fernandez in the South Sea & Woods Rogers was the Cap[tain] of the s[ai]d ship Duke & Carlington [?] Vanbrugg was then agent of her & Stephey Courtney was then Cap[tain] of the ship Dutchess but who was agent of her the Dep[onent] rem[em]bers not and when this Dep[onent] first saw the ships Duke & Dutchess they were both Good ships & in good Condic[i]on & the Dep[onent] hath [__]edibly heard they cost fitting out for their voyage to the South Seas [_______] 14000 li. or thereab[out]s & more saith not to this Juwrry. That the Dep[onent] doth beleeve there were severall orders or Instrucions given by or on the behalfe of the owners of the Ship St George to the Def[endant] Dampier as Cap[tain] of her when he went out upon the s[ai]d voyage but what in P[ar]ticular they were the Dep[onent] cannot now setforth But this Dep[onent] saith that the s[ai]d ships St George & Cinque Portes Galley sayled in Consortship from Kingsale upon the s[ai]d voyage to the South Seas & that there were Articles or agreem[en]ts made or entered into between the Cap[tain] & officers or Companys of the s[ai]d Ship for regulating themselves in the s[ai]d voyage Alexander Selkirk



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