Evidence of slaves taken and sold during the Woodes Rogers' voyage. List of Negroes on Havre de Grace when captured.
TNA: PRO ref: C 104/160 (15 April 1709)

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Mem[orandum?] upon the 15th April 1709 our 2 pinaces took the Prize, Calld the Havre de Grace, Cap[tain] Joseph arizabalaga bound from Panama to Lima, 5 Guns mounted & Her Lading Consists in balegoods, & she’s deep laden also 74 Negroes viz.

men        42

boyes        15

women        8

Girles        9

1 passenger

1 Serv[an]t of ye Cap[tain]  [_?]

the boatswain & 7 saylers span[ish?]

Indians were left onboard

Capt[ain] Cook was left Com[mander?] & M[aste]r

Bath & 16 hands more from ye


& myself        4 of ye Dukes[?]


The prize had 16 saylors 

 To ye Duke        Dutchess

2 Cowes        1 cow

hoggs        2 hogs

goats        2 goats

30  fowles        24 fowles

plantains        plantains


1 negro man to ye Duke

1 d[itt]o boy to ye dutchess

prisoners to ye duke

d[itt]o to ye Dutchess

17th  2 Chests w[i]th wro[ugh]t silver

& gold & gold dust, & pearle

etc were carried onboard ye

Dutchess, locked & sealed

1 [___] w[i]th powder to the Dutchess

not full

Cap[tain] Dover 1 gold box

d[itt]o        2 silk handkerchiefs

M[aste]r White

1 spade

1 pistoll

John Pillar, a silver Call

Cap[tai]n fry & Capt[ain] Cook some

odd Rings

Severall swords & spades

& armes Carried out to D & D

15 days provisions in her for

her own people


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