John Pinney’s letter concerning Pero’s health
University of Bristol ref: Pinney Letter Book 14 p.74 (23 May 1798)
Reproduced with the permission of the Director of Information Services, University of Bristol and the Pinney family

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Dear Madam
Bristol May 23rd 1798
I received Miss Jones’s kind favor yesterday too late for a reply by return of Post. In order to save you the Postage of a letter from T. P & T at their request I enclose a draft for £25 and they will take care to remit you the £125 on the first of July.
I think your landlord has behaved handsome in only charging you £5.13.0. additional Rent for I know not where you would have suited yourself so well.
I should be exceedingly concerned to hear that a single weekley Bill was left unpaid. It must be your own fault if that should ever be the case.
I am happy to tell you that my Grandson is a fine Boy, christened Evan after his Grandfather Baillie my Daughter Baillie and every branch of my family save my Son Charles who has a Cold are perfectly well. I must also except my Servant Pero who is very ill and now at Ashton for change of Air, I much doubt his recovery. One or other of us visit him three or four times a week. He has waited on my Person upwards of thirty two years, and I cannot help feeling much for him: notwithstanding he has not lately conducted himself as well as I could have wished.
If I visit London it will be for the sole purpose of paying my respects to you: and you may rest assured, if I conveniently can, in the course of the summer I will do it. All my family unite in love to you and Miss Jones with Dear Madam my best respects and kind remembrance to Mr. And Mrs. Barton.
Your ever Affect[io]n[ately]


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