Panorama of the Storming of Seringapatam
Victoria & Albert Museum E.572-1926 (CIS)

By the BRITISH TROOPS and their ALLIES, MAY 4th, 1799.
THE centre Object is General Baird surrounded by his Staff, and calling his Men to follow Serjeant Graham of the Forlorn Hope, who having snatched the Colours from the Ensign, planted them on the Breach, and as he gave the 3d Huzza of Victory, and Indian with a Pistol shot him through the Heart. - At the Foot of the Bastion is a Party of Tippoo's Soldiers, who are repulsed by the Grenadiers of the 74th. - Near them is Colonel Macleod, who at the Onset was wounded through the Lungs, leading off by a Serjeant of the Meuron Regiment. - On the Bastion to the Right, stands Colonel Sherbrook animating his Men to the Assault. - Crossing the Cavery is the Remainder of the 73rd. - And behind them the brave Colonel Dunlop borne off wounded, between two Grenadiers. - In front of the Mortar Battery, is Major Allen with Colonel Dallas and Major Beatson. - In the Distance is a View of General Harris and the British Camp. - To the Left of the Grand Breach, lies Lieut. Farquhar, supported as he is Dying, on one of the Tyger Guns, taken from the Enemy; he is upheld by an Artillery-Man, who points to the Indians from whom he received his Death, while the Grenadiers at the Point of the Bayonet are pressing to avenge it. - On the Ramparts stands Tippoo himself, directly above the Gateway under which he fell. - A French Officer, a little further off, is pointing to the Scene on the centre Bastion; - And on the Bridge is the desperate Conflict between the Company's Troops and Hyder Ally's Grenadiers: Lieut. Laler of the 73d, who commanded the Sepoys, is wounded, and struggling with his Enemy as he is falling into the Water. - In the Rear of the Artillery-Men, are the Nizam's Troops pressing forward to the Action, headed by Lieut. Colonel Mignan and flanked by the Gallant Brigade Major Pasley.
1. Capt. Lardy, Regiment de Meuron - wounded.
2. Lieut. Pasley, Company's Service.
3. Artillery Lascars.
4. Troops of His Highness the Nizam.
5. Lieut. Col. Mignan, Company's Service.
6. Lieut. Bell, Madras Artillery.
7. Bombay Sepoys.
8. The Palace of Tippoo Sultaun.
9. Lieut. Laler, 73d Regiment - killed.
10. A party of Hyder's Grenadiers.
11. Citizen Chapuy, the French Commander.
12. Tippoo Sultaun.
13. The Sally Port Gate where he fell.
14. Lieut. Farquhar, 74th Regiment - killed.
15. The Sirdar who wounded Col. Dunlop.
16. One of the Brass Tyger Guns of the Fort.
17. Major Wallace, 74th Regiment.
18. Major Skelly, Scotch Brigade.
19. Capt. Cormick, Madras Pioneers - killed.
20. Serjeant Graham, on the Forlorn Hope - killed.
21. Major Craigie, 12th Regiment.
22. Lieut. Preudergast, 74th Regiment - killed.
23. Tippoo's Tyger Grenadiers.
24. Capt. Lambton, Major of Brigade.
25. Lieut. General Baird.
26. Capt. Grant, Aid du Camp to General Baird.
27. Capt. Faulkner, Ditto.
28. Capt. Whittle, 12th Regiment.
29. Capt. Woodall, Ditto
30. Colonel Sherbrook, leading the Right Attack.
31. Major Shee, 33d Regiment.
32. Capt. Macleod, 73d Regiment - wounded.
33. Capt. Rose, 73d Regiment.
34. Capt. Molle, Scotch Brigade.
35. Lieut Gore, 73d Regiment.
36. Flag-Staff of the Fort; Colours shot away.
37. Principal Mosque of Seringapatam.
38. Bengal Sepoys.
39. Col. Dunlop, wounded heading the Left Attack.
40. Major Allen, Company's Service.
41. Major Dallas, 29th Regiment of Cavalry.
42. Major Beatson, Engineers.
43. Capt. Caldwell, Ditto.
44. Lieut. Gen. Harris, Commander in Chief.
45. Lieut. Richard Marriot - Bengal Sepoys.
Lee Sc[ulpsit]
Are respectfully informed that this PAINTING is designed from the most authentic and correct Information relative to the SCENERY of the PLACE, the COSTUME of the SOLDIERY, and the various Circumstances of the ATTACK. It is executed upon a Scale comprehending 2550 Square Feet of Canvas, and contains several Hundred Figures, with Portraits of the British Officers who distinguished themselves on that Occasion.
The above engraved Outline includes ONLY THOSE OBJECTS in the Picture to which a PARTICULAR REFERENCE is made in the EXPLANATORY COLUMNS annexed, and is given merely to assist the Eye in tracing THEIR RELATIVE SITUATIONS on the Canvas.
The EXHIBITION ROOM, at the LYCEUM, Strand, is Open EVERY DAY, from NINE o'Clock till DUSK.
ADMITTANCE One Shilling.

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