French and British Rivalry in India
CO 77/25, f. 74

Most Secret.
Précis of Intelligence

12 Nov[embe]r 1787
East Indies.

Permit me to put You on your guard with regard to the Glossary - opens new windowEast Indies - the French are determined to send as many Troops as possible - 4000 men are already ordered; the Reg[imen]t. de l'Isle de France of 1600 men arrived while I was there to embark for the Island of Bourbon - You may rest assured that they are very jealous of Great Britain in that quarter of the Globe
23 June 1788
The 15th. I saw 3 Frigates & 3 Corvettes that were getting ready as fast as possible to take on Board the Reg[imen]t of Walsh, Irish Brigade, now quarter'd at Morlaix, as well as the Reg[imen]t. of Beauce, also at Brest, with 2 other french Reg[imen]ts. amounting in all to about 5000 men for the East Indies, the greatest part for Pondicherry: the Baggage of Walsh's Reg[imen]t. arrived at Brest while I was there, but could not be...

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