Lying Off The Needles
HCA 13/93, ff. 203-4




Mercurij viij° Februarij anno dni secund[am] computac[ione]m Anglicanum 1547 Reg[ni] supreme d[omi]ni n[ost]ri Edwardi sexti anno primo secondo
(Wednesday 8th February in the year according to the English computation 1547 [modern year 1548] in the second year of the reign of our supreme lord Edward the Sixth)
Petrus Paulo contra Dominicum Erizo
Repitit dicto die
(Peter Paulo against Dominico Erizo)
Jaques Frauncys famulus ut asseruit Petri Paulo cum quo habitavit circiter duos annos et antea in Insula de Gynney ubi natus erat etate xxti annorum aut circiter libere ut dicit condicionis testis dicit ad interpretacionem Johannis Tyrart in interpretem assumpt[i] et iurat[i] etc se novisse prefatum duos annos et Dominicum Erizo circiter vij menses novit ut dicit
(Jaques Frauncys, slave, as he asserted, of Peter Paulo with whom he lived for about two years, and before in the Island of Guinea whre he was born, aged 20 years or thereabouts, witness etc, as he says of his own free will, says through the interpretation of John Tyrart, appointed and sworn etc as interpreter, that he had known the aforesaid [Peter Paulo] for two years and he had known Domenico Erizo for about seven months, as he says)
Ad Primum secundum, iijtum, iijtum, vtum et vjtum dicit (To the first, second, 3rd, 5th and 6th [questions] he says) That the sayd Peter Paulo and this deponent with vij more men abowte Ester last chauncyd to fynde in the see at the nedelles CC blockes tynne a Bell and certen ledde w[hi]ch this deponent dyd handell and see under water being there p[er]yshyde and forsakhy And thereuppon the same Peter having a Commission of my lorde Admyrall for that purpose dyd p[re]pare dyv[er]s Instramentes and thinges to his costes of CCC Crownes and wold have takyn and savyd all the same Tynne bell and ledde w[i]thowten dowte and then the same beyng p[re]paryd the sayd Domynico dyd arreste and staye the same Peter at Hampt[o]n [Southampton] and sayd that he had robbyd hym, and by that meanes kepte the sayd Peter that he could not use his peace in taking uppe thereof by the space of all the monethe of Maye and the best tyme that he shuld have byn occupyed and by reason thereof his Instrumentes and vyttelles so p[re]paryd were not occupyd and by that meanes loste the sayd Tynne bell and ledde ut dicit et aliter nescit deponere (and says that he cannot further depose)
Ad vjjm viijm, ixm, xm xjm xijm xiijtum, xiiijtum, xvtum, xvijm xviijm xixm et xxm dicit (To the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th [questions] he says) That the sayd Dominico Erizo dyd by force take waye from the sayd Peter Paulo one pece of tynne w[hi]ch the same Peter Paulo founde ij myles from Hampton (Southampton) in the see and brought uppe the same and evey payd for the takyng thereof But sayd falsely that the same Peter had stolen hit to his hynderaunce of CCCCCCCCli w[hi]ich the same Peter Paulo might have gotten w[i]th the sayd tynne bell and ledde that he found ut dicit et aliter nescit deponere (and says that he cannot further depose)

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