Commission of Inquiry into Hawkins' Third Voyage
SP 12/53, f. 52

Ad octavum articulum dicit That the Jesus the Grace of God the Swallowe and the Angell brought in them at ther departure from Cartagena in the West Indias into the saide havon of La vera Crux xl [40] negros at the leaste whereof ther were three lost in the Angell w[hic]h came to the spaniardes possession whiche negros were of the best sorte and goodlye of stature and the choise and principall of all the Negros whiche were gotten that last voyadge And moreover ther were in the Mynnyon at that tyme xij [12] negros of like goodnes whiche xl [40] negros the saide Hawkins lost in the saide fight who were eyther slayne by the spaniardes or taken by them in the saide foure shippes lost, and the same as he seythe were of the saide S[i]r william Garrardes and companies adventure And as towchinge the price and value of those negros this deponent seythe that he hathe ben in the west Indias in ij [2] voyages the first in the yere 1567 and the last 1568 And by that occasion knowethe by his experience the value & sale of negros in the hether parte of the west Indias whereas he seythe a negroe is worthe
and were these late yeres commonlie soulde for C [100] and Cxx [120] pesos of goulde And a choyse negroe worthe doble or treble so muche money And in this last voyadge this deponent knowethe that there was one negroe soulde for Cl [150] pesos of goulde whiche was not so muche worthe as manie of the saide xl [40] choise negros were worthe And this y deponent iudgethe by his experiens that theise choise negros might have ben soulde at the hether places of the West Indias for cl [150] and CC [200] pesos of goulde one w[i]th an other For that suche negros be muche desired and in request in these places whiche be carried from thence into the mayne lande and soulde as this deponent hathe harde the spaniardes confesse in those sea quoastes there in the saide maine lands for iiijC [46] vC [45] and somme a thowsand pesos of goulde a pece

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