Pioneer of the Triangular Trade
SP 12/44, f. 16

My Soveraigne good Lady and mystres yo[u]r highnes may be advertised that this daye being the xvi th of September the Portyngales who shuld have Dyrected us this p[re]tended enterpryse have fledd and as I have certayne understanding taken passadge into france, havinge no cause for that they had of me better intertaynement they appertayned to suche mean p[er]sons, and an army prepared sufficient to doo any resonable enterpryse, but yt appeared that they cold by no meanes p[er]forme ther lardge p[ro]mises, and so having gleaned a peice of mony to o[u]r m[er]chantes ar fledd to deceive some other And although this enterpryse cannot take effecte (which I think god hathe p[ro]vided for the best) I do ascertayne yo[u]r highnes that I have p[ro]vision sufficient and an able army to defend o[u]r chardge and to bring some (w[i]th god[es] help) fortye thowsand m[ar]kes gaynes w[i]thout the offence of the lest of any of yo[u]r highnes alyes or freindes It shalbe no dishonor unto yo[u]r hyghnes that yo[u]r owne s[er]vante and subject shall in suche an extremitie convert suche an enterpryse and torne yt bothe to yo[u]r highnes honor and to the benefit of your whole realme. which I will not enterpryse w[i]thout yo[u]r highnes consent, but am reddy to do what servicie (by yo[u]r ma[jes]tie shalbe commanded yet to shew yo[u]r highnes the trothe I shold be undon yf yo[u]r ma[jes]tie shold staye the voyadge whereunto I hope yo[u]r highnes will have some regard. The voyadge I pretend ys to lade Negoes in Genoya [Guinea] and sell them in the west Indyes in troke of golde perrles and Esmeraldes whereof I dowte not but to bring home great abondance

to the contentation of yo[u]r highnes and to the reliefe of the nomber of worthy s[er]vitures reddy now for this p[re]tended vogadge, w[hi]ch otherwose wold shortly be dryven to great misery and reddy to comitt any folly This I having advertysed yo[u]r hig[hness] the state of this matter do most humbly praye yo[u]r highnes to signifye yo[u]r pleaseure by this bearere shall most willingly accomplyshe frome Plymouth the xxi th daye of September 1567


..... highnes most humble servante

[signature] John Hawkins the quens most exellent ma[jes]tie

.....xvi Septemb[er] 1567
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