The King Requests an Audience with a Black Baby
Accounts of the Lord High Treasurer of Scotland,
vol. 3, p. 182

Item, the vij day of Februar, for butis [and] schone to Cristofer and Lady Mergret in the Castell, and the Moris, and to Curry sen Alhall day bipast,
xxxj s.
Item, the viij day of Februar, for vij urynales to quinta essencia; ilk pece xvj d.; summa
ix s. iiij d.
Item, to Andro Bertoun, be the Kingis command, to help to pay the Bertonaris,
1 li.
Item, the xij day of Februar, to the More taubronar, be command,
xxviij s.
Item, the xiiij day of Februar, to Richard Broun, be the Kingis command,
xiiij s.
Item, to the nuris that brocht the Moris barne to see, be the Kingis command,
xxviij s.

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