Examination, Saartje Baartman
KB 1/36/4, f. 117

The following is the result of the Examination of the Hottentot Venus -
27th. Nov. 1810
She does not know when she left her native place she being very young when she came to the Cape: the Brother of her late Master, Peter Cæsar, brought her to the Cape: She came with her own consent with Peter Cæsar and was taken into the service of Henrick Cæsar as his nursery maid; She came by her own consent to England and was promised half of the money for exhibiting her person - She agreed to come to England for a period of six years; She went personally to the Government in Company with Henrick Cæsar to ask permission to go to England: Mr Dunlop promised to send her back after that period at his own expence and to send the money belonging to her with her - She is kindly treated and has every thing she wants; Has no complaints to make against her Master or those that exhibit her: is perfectly happy in her present situation: has not desire whatever of returning to her own country not even for the purpose of seeing her two Brothers and four Sisters: wishes to stay here because she likes the Country and has money given her by her Master of a Sunday when she rides about in a Coach for a couple of hours - Her father was in the habit of going with Cattle from the interior to the Cape and was killed in one of those Journeys by the "Bosmen". her mother died twenty years ago she has a Child by a Drummer at the Cape with whom she lived for about two years yet being always in the employ of Henrick Cæsar; the child is since dead - She is to receive one half of the money received for exhibiting herself and Mr. Dunlop the other half - She is not desirous of changing her present situation - no personal violence or threats have been used by any individual against her; she has two Black Boys to wait upon her: One of the men assists her in the morning when she is nearly compleatly attired for the purpose of fastening the ribbon round her waist - her dress is too cold and ˆ she has complained of this to Henrick Cæsar who promised her warmer Cloathes; Her Age she says to be twenty two and that her stay at the Cape was three years - To the various questions we put to her whether if she chose at any time to discontinue her person being exhibited, She might do so, we could not draw a satisfactory Answer from her - She understands very little of the Agreement made with her by Mr. Dunlop on the twenty ninth October 1810 - and which Agreement She produced to us - The time of Examination lasted for about three hours - and the questions put to her were put in such a language as to be understood by her. - and these Deponents say they were informed by the said female that she could neither read or write. -
S Jolly
J[oh]no Geo[rge] Moojen
Kings Bench -
Samuel Jolly of Bridge Now Cannon Street London Merchant and John George Moojen of Crutched Friars London Merchant severally make oath and say And first this Deponent Samuel Jolly for himself

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