Africans Shipped to the Caribbean to Work on Plantations
CO 268/1, f. 30

Anwer of ye Compa[ny] to ye complaint from Barbados about Negros.
                                  African Compa[ny]                               (45)
After which was read the Answer of the Royal Compa[ny] to the foregoing Article received on the 16th of July 1676.
To the Right Hon[oura]ble the Lords of his Ma[jes]ties most hon[oura]ble Privy Council appointed a Committee for Trade and the Plantacons.
May it please y[ou]r Lo[rdshi]ps:
The African Company of England having received, by your Lo[rdshi]ps order, a copie of one clause of the Grievances represented to his Ma[jes]tie from Barbados, They thereupon humbly answer.
That Whereas it is therein alleged That the Royal African Compa[ny] doe very scantly supply that Island of Barbados with Negro servants, and those at excessive prices.
May it please y[ou]r Lo[rdshi]ps This Compa[ny] hath been setled little above four years, in the two first whereof Navigation was obstructed by the Dutch Warr, and the general Imbargos laid on all Ships; Yet wee were not wanting in our applications to his Ma[jes]ty who thereupon graciously permitted us to send forth seven ships, to carry soldiers, Ammunition, provisions etc., to preserve the Forts and Factories in Guiny, whence they proceeded, with Negros, to the several Plantacons and four of them to the Barbados.
The third yeare, when the warr was ended ye Company did more vigorously prosecute their

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