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The Salvation Army

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H Bagworth-Mann, November 2000
Historical Manuscripts Commission

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Summary report

East London Christian Mission

Administrative records

International Headquarters records

United Kingdom Territory records

Divisional records

Corps records

Salvation Army Social Service records

Overseas work

Personal papers

Subject files

Miscellaneous material

Appendix 1 - Journals and periodicals held at the Heritage Centre


An appointment must be made in advance to visit the Salvation Army International Heritage Centre. Researchers are charged 5.00 for half day and 10.00 for full day use of the Centre. There is no charge for Salvation Army officers or employees engaged in official work, approved corps history researchers, cadets or full time undergraduates students who provide a letter from their college or university. A research service is also available.

Access to material held at the International Heritage Centre is entirely at the discretion of the archivist.


The Salvation Army was founded in London in 1865 by the Revd William Booth. First known as the East London Christian Mission (later the Christian Mission) it changed its name to the Salvation Army in 1878.

Booth, an ordained minister with the Methodist New Connection, had never intended to establish another Christian church. Instead, his original aim had been to send his converts to established churches. However, he soon discovered that many of his followers were not attending any church and to rectify this he formed the East London Christian Mission. In addition to preaching Booth became involved in providing food and shelter for the poor and in the rehabilitation of alcoholics. When the Christian Mission became the Salvation Army in 1878, it was organised in a quasi-military fashion, with Booth becoming the General and ministers being given officer ranks.

The Salvation Army has functioned with this structure for more than a century. It soon spread from Britain to many parts of the world and now operates in more than 100 countries. The Salvation Army continues to be engaged in evangelical, medical, educational and social work throughout the world.

The formation of the Salvation Army archives began in the early 1970s as a personal interest of Lt-Colonel Cyril Barnes, a full time Salvation Army officer. In 1979 the International Archives and Research Centre was established and in 1988 the Centre and an exhibition of memorabilia were brought together to form the International Heritage Centre. The Centre comprises a reference library, archives, a photographic library and museum. The archives hold material relating to corps, social service and other centres in the United Kingdom, members of the Salvation Army and the international work of the organisation. Many records and official documents were destroyed in the Blitz and together with the haphazard record keeping in the past has resulted in very incomplete coverage of the Army's activities.

The majority of the archive files are subject based and have been artificially created. They are arranged alphabetically in three series: Personalities, Army Work and Territories. A fourth series, UK Corps, is a sub-set of the UK Territory files. A card index includes references to the Army Work and Territories files. For Personalities the card index indicates where a file is available on a person or subject as well as providing references to articles in periodicals or books.

In addition to the manuscript-based collections the Heritage Centre has an extensive collection of Salvation Army books, periodicals and photographs.

The Commission is most grateful to the archivist Mr Gordon Taylor for his assistance and advice whilst compiling this list.

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Summary report

East London Christian Mission
Christian Mission minutes 1868-78 (copies and loose papers), correspondence relating to Christian Mission buildings; Christian Mission letter book 1877; finance and associated reports; minutes of the Elders' meetings for the Christian Mission Croydon 1869-71 (1 box).

East London Christian Mission Committee minutes 1868-74 (1 volume).

East London Christian Mission Shoreditch Meeting minutes 1868-74 (1 volume).

Christian Mission Conference minutes and reports June 1870- August 1878.

Press cuttings 1864-71 and copies of the East London Evangelist and Christian Mission Magazine (1 box).


Administrative records
Trust Deeds 1875, 1878, 1891, 1904 and 1928 drafts of amendments to 1904 deed (1 box).

Correspondence and papers relating to the Salvation Army Act 1931 (3 boxes).

Papers relating to the Salvation Army Act 1963, the constitution of the Salvation Army 1968 and the Salvation Army Act 1980 (1 box).

International constitutional summaries 1989 (1 box).

Minutes and memoranda concerning rules and regulations within the Salvation Army 1886-1994 (3 boxes).

Historical record of UK and IHQ administrative review 1989-90 (3 boxes).

Papers relating to the High Councils 1929, 1934, 1939, 1946, 1954, 1963, 1969, 1974, 1977, 1981, 1986, 1993, 1994 (15 boxes).

Papers relating to the Commissioners' Conferences 1930, 1944, 1946, 1949, 1954, 1958, 1965, 1969, 1971, 1975 (4 boxes).

Papers relating to the International Leaders' Conferences 1979, 1984, 1988, 1991, 1995 (9 boxes).

Papers relating to Social Conferences and European Conferences etc (1 box).

Papers relating to the International Strategy for Growth Conference 1989, Health and Healing Conferences 1989, 1994 (1 box).

Papers relating to the Training Principals' Conference 1974 (1 box).

Papers relating to the International Literary Council 1992 onwards (1 box).

Papers of the Moral and Social Issues Council (1 box and 1 lever arch file).

Papers of the Doctrine Council (1 box and 2 lever arch files).

Publicity Council minutes 1941-64 (1 box).

IHQ Spiritual Life Commission, reading material (2 boxes).

Candidates for officership application forms 20th century (13 boxes).

Officer career cards (2 boxes and 12 ring folders).

General Eva Burrows' briefs for visits, arranged alphabetically by county/territory (3 boxes).

General's and Chief of the Staff's briefs for visits (3 boxes).

Papers relating to Generals' tours 1950-70s (1 box).

Papers relating to Campfield Press, St Albans, including Finance Committee minutes 1896-1909, 1936-47 and miscellaneous correspondence (2 boxes).

Minutes, reports, accounts, correspondence and miscellaneous papers relating to the Assurance Society c1908-71 (6 boxes).

Material from the Editorial Department relating to Salvation Army officers, mainly used for obituaries in the War Cry and Salvationist (16 boxes).

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International Headquarters records
IHQ minutes and memoranda c1965-76 (1 box) and other miscellaneous correspondence (2 boxes).

IHQ correspondence relating to officers arranged alphabetically by name 20th century (28 boxes).

IHQ correspondence relating to retired officers arranged alphabetically by name 20th century (1 box).

IHQ correspondence relating to leading officers arranged alphabetically by name 20th century (4 boxes).

IHQ Overseas Department correspondence with various territories 20th century, including correspondence regarding Australia, China, New Zealand and Fiji, USA territories and correspondence with Canada regarding various officers (8 boxes).

IHQ Overseas Department correspondence with various territories 20th century (1 box).

IHQ Secretary's Department, miscellaneous material (2 boxes).

Medical file reports from various countries 1990s (1 box).

Servant Leadership - a training programme for leaders and papers relating to the Study Commission World Hunger and Unemployment (1 box).

World Council of Churches (1 box).

Salvation Army integrated mission workshop reports (1 box).

Territorial Commanders' annual reports to the Chief of Staff 1990-91 (2 boxes).

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United Kingdom Territory records
British Territory statistics 1941-47 (1 box).

British Territory/Scotland/Wales/Ireland/Channel Islands files (5 boxes).

Salvation Army Nurses' Fellowship history books (2 volumes).

Salvation Army Nurses' Fellowship album, containing photographs and letters (1 volume).

Slum Analysis Book 1940s (1 volume).

Miscellaneous papers relating to the Goodwill League/League of Mercy 1966-c1999 (1 box).

Disposition of forces directories (DISPOS) c1883-1995 (5 boxes).


Divisional records
Brighton Division property roll (1 volume).

Canterbury transfer of soldiers divisional records (1 volume).

East London property roll (1 volume).

South London Division Expenditure Board minutes 1914-22, 1922-30 (2 volumes).

South London Division corps statistics 1906-1922 (1 volume).

South London Division statistics 1910-12, 1914,15, 1916-17, 1917-18, 1918-19, 1919-20 (6 volumes).

South East London Division asset and liabilities ledger 1901-1907, 1908 (2 volumes).

South East London Divisional cash book 1906-08, 1908-09 (2 volumes).

West London Division property roll (2 volumes).

Nottingham Division Property Council minutes (1 volume), Corps Cadet Board from 1941 (1 volume), Candidates Board minutes from 1958 (1 volume), Candidates Rolls c1927-1954 (4 volumes).

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Corps records
UK Territory corps history books, membership rolls, registers and various corps minute books as listed on pp14-16 (43 boxes and 2 box files).

Material relating to Brockworth Society, Gloucester (3 boxes).

The log of the Brighouse Life Saving Guards, containing mainly notes, photographs and press cuttings (1 volume).

Copies of 'Link News' from York Corps (1 box).

Samples of various corps books (1 box).


Salvation Army Social Service records
Mothers' Hospital records including a type of register of medical records, possibly for Ivy House (1 volume); Central Midwives' Board register of cases (midwife E Goodsell) 1930-33, 1933-35, 1935-40, 1940-42 (4 volumes); Mothers' Hospital Management Council minutes 1914-23; Mothers' Hospital reports 1913-47; Women's Social Services (WSS) and Mothers' Hospital reports 1891-1947 (4 boxes).

Papers relating to Victoria Homes in Whitechapel 1904-1918 (2 boxes).

Girls' Statements: Lanark House 1886-92 (1 volume).

Final Reports London 1887-90 (1 volume).

Girls' Statements and Final Statements (London) 1889-97 (9 volumes).

Girls' Statements and Final Statements (Country) 1887-97 (6 volumes).

Girls' Statement Books (London) 1897-1931 (24 volumes).

Girls' Statement Books (Country) 1897-1929 (28 volumes).

Children's History Books c1902-1927 (5 volumes).

Girls' History Book 1913-14 (1 volume).

Salvation Army Rescue Home Girls Statistics 1890-97(1 volume)

Account of Girls sent out 19th century (1 volume)

NB Further records are held by the Salvation Army's Social Services Historian.

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Overseas work
Papers relating to Europe Zonal Conferences 1961-92 (2 box).

Papers relating to South Asia Zonal Conferences 1955-87 and Africa Zonal Conferences 1965-87 (1 box).

Papers relating to South Pacific Zonal Conferences 1976-87, The Americas 1973-94 and USA Commissioners Conferences 1952-96 (1 box).

Material relating to International Congresses (5 boxes).

Papers relating to various global disasters in which the Salvation Army has provided assistance, arranged alphabetically by country (2 boxes).

Material relating to European relief work, mainly team reports 1945-50 (2 boxes).

Sweden Territory correspondence relating to Belgium 1940-44, Czechoslovakia 1939-45, Denmark 1939-45, France 1940-44, Finland 1940-45, Germany 1939-42 , Hungary 1939-45, Holland 1940-45, Norway 1940-45 and Brigadier E Wickberg, Territory Commander correspondence 1942-45 (7 boxes).

Report of the General's India Strategy Commission 1988 and the 1993 review,

India report 1955 and memoranda on India 1940 (1 box).

Annual reports from the following countries/territories:

Belgium 1974-88, Denmark 1977-88, Finland 1981-88, France 1978-88, Germany 1980-88, Italy 1979-88, Netherlands 1975-87, Norway 1979-88, Portugal 1974-86, Spain 1982-86, Sweden 1975-87, Switzerland 1976-88, Brazil 1970-88, Caribbean and Central America Territory 1972-88, Mexico and Central America Territory 1986-88, South America East Territory 1970-88, South America West Territory 1970-89, Canada and USA c1980s (4 boxes).

Unsorted South Pacific and East Asia (SPEA) and South Asia material (2 boxes).

Miscellaneous memoranda of appointments relating to various territories (1 box).

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Personal papers
Catherine Booth (1829-1890), wife of William Booth
Miscellaneous printed and other papers, including copies of nine letters from Catherine Booth to Queen Victoria concerning the Parliamentary Bill for the protection of girls (1 box).

William Booth (1829-1912), General of the Salvation Army
Diaries 1910-12 (3 volumes).

Letters from William Booth to William Stephenson Crow 1871-1881 (93 letters); letters from Booth to William Ridsdel 1881-1894 (6 letters); copies of letters from Booth to CT Studd (4 letters); letters from William and Catherine Booth to Mr Frank and Mrs Crossley 1885-1899 (13 letters); copy out-letters, including letters to Elijah Cadman from William Booth, Bramwell Booth and George Scott Railton 1876-1913 (97 items) (1 box).

Further Booth correspondence 1869-1912 (5 boxes).

Books and pamphlets by William Booth (1 box).

Miscellaneous printed material about William Booth, including material relating to his death and funeral (6 boxes).

William Bramwell Booth (1856-1929)
Correspondence 1879-1927 (1 box) and addresses (1 box).

Ballington Booth 1857-1940
Correspondence and papers mainly relating to his resignation c1880-96 (1 box).

Evangeline Booth (1865-1950), General of the Salvation Army
Correspondence 1892-1948 (1 box).

Correspondence (copies) 1886-1949 (5 boxes).

Elijah Cadman (1843-1927), Commissioner in the Salvation Army
Correspondence 1876-1913 (1 box) and notes on lectures on life story and various cuttings (1 box).

Frederick Coutts (1899-1986), General of the Salvation Army
Sermon notes and scrap books (5 boxes), addresses (2 boxes) and correspondence as General 1967-69 (1 box).

Olive Coutts, wife of Frederick Coutts
Sermon notes and photograph albums (3 boxes).

James Allister Smith (1866-1960), Commissioner in the Salvation Army
Family correspondence and papers (28 boxes).

Randolph John Sturgess, Commissioner in the Salvation Army
Correspondence, including some of Catherine Sturgess (his daughter) correspondence 1884-1978 (1 box).

Booth-Clibborn family
Correspondence and papers c1881-early 20th century (23 boxes).

NB Further groups of papers are contained in the personalities series (see below).

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Subject files

Army Work Series
A series of subject files (arranged alphabetically) of material relating to various aspects of the Salvation Army's work. Subjects include adherents, alcoholism, buildings, congresses, education, training etc. Most files contain secondary source material including newspaper cuttings, articles, programmes and photocopied items (93 boxes).

Territory Series - Overseas Work
A series of subject files (arranged alphabetically) by the name of country/territory of material relating to the Salvation Army's overseas work. Most files contain press cuttings, photocopied material, reports and some corresp, mainly 20th century. Files cover the following areas; Africa, Americas and Caribbean, Europe, South Asia, South Pacific and East Asia and for individual territories as listed alphabetically on pp7-10 (68 boxes).

Territory Series - UK Salvation Army Corps
Subject files (arranged alphabetically) containing material on UK Salvation Army corps. Most files contain printed material, including newspaper cuttings, programmes of events, articles etc (29 boxes). A list of the corps which have files is available.

Personalities Series
A series of subject files containing material about, and in some instances papers of, notable individuals associated with the Salvation Army. The files are arranged alphabetically by the name of the individual and include former generals, officers and members. Although in some instances there are groups of individual's papers most of the material is about people (88 boxes).

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Miscellaneous material
Notebooks containing mainly printed articles by Daniel Daring and 'Mac' Rudolf MacGeorge c1900 (1 box).

Correspondence relating to and manuscripts of Richard Williams' Missing: a study of the world-wide missing persons enigma and Salvation Army response, Hodder & Stoughton, 1969 (2 boxes).

Manuscript and list of sources for Richard Hugheson Collier's The General next to God. The story of William Booth and the Salvation Army, Collins, 1965 (1 box).

Correspondence relating to Major Fred Brown's 'Secular Christianity' 1970s (1 box).

Diaries and notebooks of an officer stationed on the island of Guernsey during the occupation in World War II (2 boxes).

Unsorted correspondence relating to Salvation Army history volumes (1 box).

Unsorted training material (1 box).

Year Book lists (1 box).

Autograph books and visitors books (2 boxes).

Press cuttings about various aspects of the Salvation Army's work and miscellaneous items (1 box).

Miscellaneous unsorted material.

Miscellaneous printed items.

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Appendix 1 Journals and periodicals held at the Heritage Centre

All the World 1884-1929, 1938-93

Assurance 1898-1903, 1924-39, 1940-70

SAA 1910-20

SAAS Ltd Broadcaster 1923

The Bandsman and Songster 1907-9, 1925-37

The Bandsman, Songster and Local Officer 1910-24

The Musician 1938-1986

The Deliverer 1889-1917, 1919-93

The Social Deliverer 1917

The Life Saving Scout and Guard 1921-48

The Scout and Guard 1949-55

The Little Soldier 1881-88

The Young Soldier 1888-1999

The Local Officer 1897-1908, 1936

The Musical Salvationist 1886-1993

The Officer 1893-99, 1914-31, 1950-99

The Field Officer 1900-13

The Officer's Review 1932-49

The Salvation Army Year Book 1906-2000

Salvationist 1986-99

The Staff Review 1922-31

The War Cry 1879-1999

The YP 1906-10

The Warrior 1911-14, 1922-55

The Warrior and Life Saving Scout 1915

The Warrior and Life Saving Scout and Guard 1916-21

Vanguard 1956-72

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