Historical Manuscripts Commission

Summary report on the records 1890-1982

of the

Society of the Sacred Mission

kept at


(reference: GB-1916-SSM)

S Willmington and N James, October 1983
Historical Manuscripts Commission

Table of Contents


Summary report

Records relating to theological teaching of the SSM
Personal papers of members of the Society


The records described in this list are stored mainly in the archive room at Willen Priory. Some printed papers and the Kelham lecture schemes are kept on shelves immediately outside the room. Enquiries about them should be addressed to the Librarian at Willen. Access to some private or recent correspondence may be restricted.

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Summary report


MS Constitutions (autograph) of H H Kelly nd (1 vol).

The same, heavily amended (1 vol, probably a draft).

'Principles of the Religious Life in the Society of the Sacred Mission', autograph, HH Kelly, nd (1 vol).

The same (2 vols).


Journals of the SSM 1890-95 (1 vol, started in the name of the Corean Mission and changed to SSM 1892) and 18951916 (2 vols).

Copy journal of the Society 1890-95 (1 vol).

Journals of the Corean Mission 1896-1902 (2 vols).

Annual reports of the SSM 1891-1917 (2 vols).

Signed minutes of Great Chapter 1905 (1 vol), 1915 (1 vol), 1920 (1 vol with index vol), 1925 (1 vol), 1930 (2 vols), 1935 (1 vol), 1952 (1 vol), 1962 (1 vol), 1972 (1 vol), 1982 (1 vol).

Copy minutes of Great Chapter 1915 (1 vol), 1925 (1 vol), 1930 (1 vol), 1935 (1 vol), 1952 (1 vol), 1962 (1 vol), 1972 (1 vol, 4 copies), 1977 (1 vol, 4 copies).

Signed minutes of General Chapter 1910 (1 vol), 1943 (1 vol), 1947 (1 vol), 1957 (1 vol), 1967 (1 vol).

Copy minutes of General Chapter 1910 (1 vol), 1943 (1 vol), 1947 (1 vol), 1957 (1 vol), 1967 (1 vol, 2 copies).

Miscellaneous signed chapter acts, typescript (1 large bundle misc unsorted papers), and records of the novitiate 1894-c1970 (1 notebook).

Rolls of novices 1893-1944, of professed 1894-1943, of ordinands 1902-45, various accounts c1910-40 (1 vol).

Minutes of the SSM finance committee 1929-72 (3 vols).

Rough accounts of the general expenses fund 1929-44 (1 vol).

Petty cash book 1915 (1 vol).

General administrative records, typescript and printed (35 files), from c1892, incl accounts, directors' reports, newsletters, Great Chapter draft minutes 1905-82, and papers rel to the novitiate, professions and of the history of the SMM.

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Inter-provincial records
Minutes of the Director's Chapter 1912, 1927-62 (2 vols).

Minutes of chapters of the professed 1905-11 (1 vol).

English province (including former Kelham province)
Minutes of the English provincial chapter 1929-80 (9 vols).

Minutes of chapter of the Province of the Mother House 1924-43 (6 vols).

Minutes of Kelham Priory Chapter 1937-77 (5 vols and 4 binders).

Minutes of the Kelham provincial finance committee 1925-56 (2 vols).

Records (26 files) rel to houses at Kelham, Lancaster, Nottingham and elsewhere, arranged by subject, and to Kelham Theological College.

Recent administrative records rel to the English province and unclassified records (10 files), mainly typescript and printed, incl papers rel to Willen Priory 1970s (2 files) and Milton Keynes (1 file) and to SSM parish at Parson's Cross, Sheffield (1 file).

Southern African province
Records, incl misc correspondence, 20th cent (18 files) incl records rel to Modderpoort house, mainly typescript and printed.

Australia and Japan
Records, 20th cent (14 files) incl those rel to Australian houses, with newsletters, constitutions etc, mainly typescript and printed.

Kelham Theological College
Records of entrants/students 1891-1971 (5 vols).

Minutes of rectors of studies 1946-58 (1 vol).

Kelham visitors book 1929-74 (1 vol).

Examination statistics drawn up in 1938 (1 vol).

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Records relating to the theological teaching of the SSM

Lecture schemes for the theological teaching of the Society 1892-1975 incl those used by H H Kelly in Japan (6 shelves), in typescript and MS volumes. Schemes drawn up by A D Kelly, H H Kelly, D Jenks and others, with the texts of some lectures delivered. Subjects covered include church history (c2 shelves), logic, liturgy, metaphysics, psychology, New Testament, dogmatics, English and foreign literature.

Lecture notes taken by a Kelham student, mainly from H H Kelly's lectures on Bible, Church history, dogmatics etc (1 shelf).


MS notebook rel to ceremonial and liturgical observance of the Society in H H Kelly's hand, with other papers rel to liturgical offices (1 file).


SSM Chronicle, typescript, 356pp (a detailed history of the Society to 1981).

Register of burials in the private cemetery of the SSM, Kelham .1930-73 (1 vol).

Bound volumes of newscuttings 1887-1901, nd (2 vols).

Typescript 'Notes on Kelham and Averham' by Anthony Snell SSM and T Jones 1939.

MS Holy Week retreat and other addresses nd (9 vols).

Misc printed works including SSM quarterly, SSM newsletters (English, Australian and Japanese provinces).

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Personal papers of members of the Society

Herbert Hamilton Kelly (1860-1950), Director 1893-1910
. Papers relating specifically to the SSM

Letter books of letters to bishops 1892-c1909 (2 vols), to home correspondents 1892-1907 (2 vols), To foreign correspondents 1893-1905 (2 vols), to candidates 1892-1905 (1 vol) and concerning the SSM press 1898-1901 (1 vol).

Weekly newsletters to members of the SSM 1907-10 (1 vol, duplicated typescript).

Record of movements of members of SSM 1891-1908 (1 vol).

Summary of relations between SSM and the Corean Mission 1895-1904 (1 vol).

Reports of visits to missionary colleges 1909 (1 vol).

Papers concerning the Student Christian Movement and its connection with SSM 1911-12 (1 vol, duplicated typescript),

'SSM 1929' (1 vol, 2 copies duplicated typescript).

B. Other papers

General correspondence 1890-1950 (30 files) rel to Universities Mission to Central Africa and other missionary work. ordination training, his links with Japan, controversies within the Society c1920 and other matters. Correspondents include Archbishop Randall Davidson, E S Talbot, Bishop of Rochester, Lord Alwyn Compton, Bishop of Ely and Dorothy L Sayers.

Papers 1897-1950 (44 files), arranged chronologically, including typescript copies of addresses, opinions on religious questions and controversies, newscuttings; MS notes for, with typescript and printed copies of, articles and reviews; typescript papers on theological questions etc, and some correspondence, mainly rel to the publication of his printed works.

Further papers, arranged by subject (45 files), including those rel to biblical. theological, moral and doctrinal matters', with other papers rel to his theological teaching (c20 files); papers rel to Japan (4 files); working papers and notes for addresses, papers rel to SSM affairs, sermons and addresses to the SCM, with some correspondence, and misc unsorted papers (1-2 files per subject).

Newsletters to member of his family 1910-37 (7 vols, duplicated typescript).

Letters and papers written in Japan 1913-17 (3 vols, duplicated typescript).

Diary 1906, 1913 (1 vol).

'Autobiography' 1919 (1 vol, duplicated typescript).

Retreat addresses 1891-1905, nd (8 vols).

Theological and philosophical notes 1909-19, nd (9 vols).

Misc notes 1910, nd (3 vols).

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David Jenks (1866-1935), Director 1910-20
Newsletters to the Society 1910-14 and 1915-19 (2 vols).

Diary rel to the Assyrian Christians 1892 (1 vol).

Letters to men on active service 1915-18 (1 vol, typescript duplicated).

Reginald Herman Tribe,_Director 1925-43
Diary 1925-c1945 (1 vol, kept intermittently).

Stephen Frederick Burstal Bedale (1888-1961), Director 1943-52
Papers (11 files), mainly as a Kelham tutor, rel to New Testament. sermons etc ' incl miscellaneous personal correspondence and papers c1911-53 (1 file).

(Arthur) Gabriel Hebert (d 1963)
Correspondence and papers 1897-c1961 (22 files) incl papers rel to Australia (1 file), conferences (1 file), devotional matters (1 file), lectures (4 files), articles (2 files); letters to his parents 1924-c1956 (1 file) from Kelham, Modderpoort. South Africa and Crafers. Australia; letters received 1912-63 (1 file) rel to Sweden, SSM houses, ordination training, theological questions and his publications; papers rel to parish and people (1 file) and Roman Catholic matters (1 file); notebooks incl travel journal in Italy nd (1 vol), diary Jan-April 1921 (1 vol), diary in 1962 calendar (1 vol), and misc notebooks of material for addresses, reviews and sermons (3 vols); papers rel to personal affairs (1 file), with journal of sea voyage 1897-8 (1 vol); reviews (3 files), Sweden (1 file) and the USA (1 file).

[Further papers in Australia were reported to have been destroyed by fire 1983.]

(Reginald) Richard Roseveare (1902-1972), Bishop of Accra 1956-68
Correspondence and papers 1929-72 (1 file) incl papers as Bishop of Accra, papers rel to marriage and divorce, correspondence mainly 1960s, certificates of ordination as deacon and priest. appointment as bishop and CBE, with framed, printed addresses to him (2 items) as Bishop of Accra.

Sydney Hindle Holgate
Papers c1882-1942 (3 files and 1 trunk), incl notebooks and exercise books on religious themes and Christian teaching and notes rel to sermons and addresses (3 files), with films, desk and pocket diaries c1882-c1942 (c50 small vols ) and printed lists of SSM members 1906-17 (1 small folder), 1934 and 1934-40 (2 vols).

Alfred Kelly, Provincial of Southern Africa 1903-6
Papers c1908-48 (10 files), mainly working papers as a Kelham tutor, with some papers rel to SSM (1 file), and personal affairs (1 file), incl personal diary and scrap book 1908-48, with enclosures (1 vol) and typescript copies of his newsletters 1914-19 (1 vol).

Papers of priests and brethren of Society
Personal papers of other members of the Society (c33 files), incl misc papers of George Every (1 file).

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