Historical Manuscripts Commission

Summary report on the correspondence 


William Scott (1813 - 1872),
Perpetual curate of Christ Church, Hoxton 
and Vicar of St Olavels Jewry

deposited in

Lambeth Palace Library

(reference: GB-0109-Scott)

N James, November 1983
 Historical Manuscripts Commission

Summary report

Scott's correspondence, with other miscellaneous papers c1840-73 (c203 items) is kept in a brown paper package. Some of the letters are now in a fragile condition. The items listed below have been arranged in bundles, except where otherwise stated.

Envelope labelled 'rel to early days at Hoxton 1840' including address nd from a group of Scott's parishioners at Christ Church in support of his ordering of the services at Hoxton in the face of possible complaints; letter from 'A True Protestant' against 'Romanism' at Christ Church c1844; anonymous letter 1843 rel to same from 'Verax'; letter from 'A True Protestant' against ritualism 1844; printed posters (2 items).

Letters from Newman 1844, 1864 and Manning 1846, rel to religious pamphlets (3 items) and letter from Manning 1846 rel to the Gobat affair.

Letters from Henry Phillpotts, bishop of Exeter, and his daughter, Sybella du Boulay, with other miscellaneous papers 1847-69 nd (1 large bundle) including letters rel to the Gorham judgement and other religious controversies, publications, Sion College, personal and ecclesiastical affairs 1847-67 (c50 items), letters and note from Sybella du Boulay 1866-69 nd (15 items) mainly replying to Scott on her father's behalf, letter to Mozley from Gladstone 1848 rel to the establishment of the Church of England, memorandum of proceedings in convocation on 3 February 1852 by Phillpotts and instrument of Gorham's presentation to Brampford Speke vicarage 20 July 1850.

Letters 1848-68 (c18 items) from bishops of London (Blomfield and Tait) rel to articles, ecclesiastical buildings etc.

Letters 1849-56 (10 items) from W Dyce, rel to the judgement in the Denison case, the doctrine of the real presence, Sabbatarianism, 1662 Prayer Book, ornaments and other religious controversies.

Letters 1851 (11 items) from archdeacon GA Denison rel to publications including a projected second series of Tracts for the Times.

Letters 1852-60 (8 items) from Gladstone rel to public affairs and the presentation of Scott to St Olave's.

Letters 1853-61 (5 items) from E Denison and WK Hamilton, bishops of Salisbury rel to marriage law and Hamilton's engagements etc.

Letters 1854-67 (8 items) from Samuel Wilberforce, bishop of Oxford, rel to personal and ecclesiastical affairs.

Letters and notes 1856-73, nd (36 items in 3 bundles), mainly to Scott from 3rd Marquess of Salisbury rel to editorial and management matters concerning the Review and other journals, to church affairs, and incl letters of condolence to Mrs Scott, 1873.

Letters 1857-60 (6 items) from the Duke of Newcastle rel to patronage etc.

Printed sermons, pamphlets, reviews etc (18 items) by Scott and others, two labelled 'Mary Scott'; letter to the Bishop of London nd from Richard Williams of Hoxton complaining of Scott's ritualism; declaration of belief in the catholic faith of the Church of England to Mary Scott, 1847, by William Wilson; note 'sermons and letters by W Scott of Hoxton and others from 1845-54' (loose items in large white envelope).

Printed pamphlet Mr Gladstone's Finance 1862 and printed circular 1854 (2 items).

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