Historical Manuscripts Commission

Summary report on the papers of antiquaries and historians

in the muniments of


(reference: GB-0260-MS.Collections)

A Lewis and S Roberts, July 1995 and May 1996
Historical Manuscripts Commission

Table of Contents


Summary report

Baillie, Albert Victor

Bond, Maurice Francis

Bond, Shelagh Mary

Brakspear, Sir Harold

Cave, William

Clarke, James Stanier

Cust, Henry Cockayne

Dalton, John Neale

De Watteville, Lt-Colonel Herman Gaston

Eastman, Derek Ian Tennent

Emlyn, Henry

Evans, George 

Fellowes, Edmund Horace

Fowler, Lieutenant Joseph

Goodall, Joseph

Heard, Sir Isaac

Hope, Sir William Henry St John

Markham, David Frederick

Ollard, Sidney Leslie

Pelly, Brigadier-General Raymond Theodore

Sanderson, Robert

Scot[t], Peter

Stanley, Arthur Penrhyn

Steer, Francis William

Vidler, Alexander Roper

Willement, Thomas

Wren, Matthew

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This report was compiled during a visit to St George's Chapel, as part of a survey undertaken by the Commission of the papers of British antiquaries and historians. The Commission is most grateful for the invaluable assistance of Dr Eileen Scarff, Archivist and Librarian to the Dean and Canons of St George's Chapel, to whom enquiries regarding these papers should be addressed.

Summary report

BAILLIE, Albert Victor (1864-1955)
Dean of Windsor 1917-45

Letters from Queen Mary 1928-37 [XVII.30.19]

Antiquarian notes on the Deanery c1930 [M.42]

Reports on his visitations of Cornwall, Devon and Wiltshire 1938-40 [XVII.9.22].


BOND, Maurice Francis (1916-1983)
Honorary custodian of the muniments 1949-75

BOND, Shelagh Mary (1926-1973)
Honorary archivist 1954-73

Correspondence between MF Bond and Earl Mountbatten concerning Naval Knights and the statutes 1962 (1 file) [XVII.43.39]

Historical and research notes by MF Bond on St George's Chapel and by SM Bond on Eton, the borough of Windsor, etc (8 boxes, 1 file) [M.37, 128, 143]

Notes, etc on Henry Emlyn by SM Bond 1953 (1 file) [XVII.54.11]

Notes by MF Bond on the Deanery Chapel 1974 (1 box) [M.43]

Correspondence and papers mainly of MF Bond 1972-75 concerning the Quincentenary Exhibition 1975 (14 files) [Q.1-14].

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BRAKSPEAR, Sir Harold (1870-1934)
Architect and architectural historian

Letters received, copies of letters sent, reports and other papers as consulting architect to St George's Chapel 1921-31 (1 box) [M.114]

Plans, sketches, blueprints, etc (many annotated by him) of the fabric of the Chapel c1908-31 (over 300 items) [P.200].


CAVE, William (1637-1713)
Canon of Windsor 1684-1713

A copy of the first edition of Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Historia Literaria (1688-89) annotated and interleaved with additions and amendments by Cave and by Daniel Waterland who supervised publication of the second edition (4 volumes) [Chapter Library]

Manuscript of Tabulae Ecclesiasticae (1674) [Chapter Library]

Working notes and indexes (3 unbound volumes) [Chapter Library]

Annotated copies of Philip Melancthon, Quaestiones (1558), Pierre Belon, Observationes (1589), Domenico Magri, Notitia De'Vocaboli Ecclesiastici (1650), and Anon, A Help to English History (1652) [Chapter Library].


CLARKE, James Stanier (c1765-1834)
Canon of Windsor 1821-34

Accounts and papers concerning his rectory of Preston-cum-Hove, Sussex 1753-1805 (10 bundles and items) [XV.7.58, XVII.8.7]

Personal accounts c1756-72 (2 volumes) and appointments to benefices 1754-72 (6 items)of his father Edward Clarke, Prebendary of Chichester [XV.7.58, XVII.2.1, XVII.2.1*].

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CUST, Henry Cockayne (1780-1861)
Canon of Windsor 1813-61

Letters from Dean Hobart 1823, 1828, 1830 (3 items) [XVII.8.3]

Letters from Canon Goodall 1826-7, nd (6 items) [XVII.4.8]

Letters from Thomas Willement concerning stained glass and other antiquarian matters 1840-54 (83 items) [M.166]

Letter from the second Duke of Wellington 1853 [XVII.33.37]

Letters from the Chapter Surveyor 1821-36 [II.O.5]

Correspondence with the Chapter Clerk 1826-34, 1843-56 [II.O.2-3, 6]

Correspondence and memoranda, including inventories of furniture acquired, 1820-22 [XVII.33.26]

Correspondence concerning benefices 1822-27 [XVII.54]

Letters received relating to Chapel estates, etc 1818-43 [II.N.1-3]

Draft accounts, estate papers, rotas of residence, etc c1813-28 [XVII.8.4]

Papers concerning Canon RA Musgrave's affairs 1839-42 [II.O.1]

Notes on Windsor Castle nd, with a letter from Sir Jeffry Wyatville [II.O.4]

Miscellaneous notes 1833, nd [M.53(2)].

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DALTON, John Neale (1839-1931)
Canon of Windsor 1885-1931

Letters on antiquarian topics from Prebendary FC Hingeston-Randolph 1898-1901 (11 items) [XVII.33.2]

Letters mainly from John Wickham Legg, with a few drafts of Dalton's replies and letters from Francis Bickley, HA Wilson and others, 1900-21 (c170 items) [XVII.33.1, XVII.33.47]

Correspondence with JW Clarke and WH St John Hope concerning proposed official history of Windsor Castle 1901, 1905, 1912 (c20 items) [XVII.37.6]

Letter from WH St John Hope on the possible adoption of an heraldic eagle to represent the British Empire 1902 [XVII.33.48]

Letters to him and the Revd AC Deane from WH St John Hope 1912 (7 items) [XVII.5.1]

Correspondence and notes mainly relating to antiquarian and historical matters 1883-1927 (1 box) [M.7]

Correspondence relating to Chapter business 1892-1912 (1 bundle) [XVII.43.19]

Miscellaneous letters to him 1896-1920 (18 items) [XVII.37.7]

Miscellaneous letters to him, some with enclosures, concerning various manuscripts 1900-16 (1 bundle) [XVII.9.25]

Correspondence, reports, memoranda, etc relating to the erection of the King's Beasts above St George's Chapel 1918-26, 1931 (1 file) [XVII.10.40]

Miscellaneous antiquarian notes (1 bundle) [XI.H.35]

Manuscript calendar made by him of the statutes and injunctions of the Chapel, with galley proofs [M.10]

Transcripts of Arundel White Book, Denton Black Book, and treasurer's and precentor's rolls, including some by Francis Bickley and Patrick MacGill, c1890-1914 (4 boxes) [M.1, 3-5]

Manuscripts of two Obit Day sermons preached by him 1893 [XVII.33.46]

Visitation notes, including letters, press cuttings, etc, 1893-1906 (1 volume) [XVII.29.1]

His annotated and grangerised copy in five volumes of WH St John Hope's Windsor Castle. An Architectural History (1913) [Schorn Tower].

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DE WATTEVILLE, Lt-Colonel Herman Gaston (1875-1963)
Military historian

Notes on the brasses in St George's Chapel c1900 (2 files) [IX.A.1].


EASTMAN, Derek Ian Tennent (1919-1991)
Canon of Windsor 1977-85

Research notes relating to the cult of John Schorne, rector of North Marston, Buckinghamshire, 1290-1314 (1 box) [M.152].


EMLYN, Henry (c1729-1815)
Architect, craftsman and antiquary

His annotated copies of plans, designs and scale drawings mainly concerning restoration work in St George's Chapel 1784-1802, nd (53 items, presented by his family) [E.1-53]

Sketch book, late eighteenth century (1 volume) [XVII.30.23].


EVANS, George (1630-1702)
Canon of Windsor 1660-1702

Antiquarian notes on the history of St George's Chapel, its offices, office holders, privileges, estates, etc, including extracts from and abstracts of deeds and documents, 1701 (2 volumes) [IV.B.16-17].

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FELLOWES, Edmund Horace (1870-1951)
Minor canon of Windsor 1900-51

Historical notes for The Military Knights of Windsor 1352-1944 (1944) (1 box) [M.6]

Warrant of appointment as Companion of Honour and related correspondence 1943-44, and a collection of printed invitations, admission tickets, orders of service, etc for Garter and royal occasions 1837-1951 (1 box) [M.69]

Letters to him from Sir Walford Davies 1924-30 (11 items), HC Colles 1931 (2 items) and C Hylton Stewart 1929 (3 items); and letters (with enclosures) from Dr Watkins Shaw concerning the correspondence 1995 (4 items) [M.165]. ( Transcripts by Shaw of the correspondence are in HMC Windsor Dean and Canons file, October 1995.)


FOWLER, Lieutenant Joseph (d 1835)
Military Knight of Windsor 1826-35

'History of the Military Poor Knights of Windsor from their first Establishment . . .' 1826 (1 volume) [Chapter Library].


GOODALL, Joseph (1760-1840)
Canon of Windsor 1808-40, Provost of Eton College 1809-40

Financial accounts of his canonry 1808-38 (1 bundle) [XI.C.64]

Memoranda book as Canon Treasurer 1825-27 (1 volume) [XI.D.42]

Notes, memoranda, excerpts from statutes, rough accounts, etc concerning the administration and history of St George's Chapel (1 bundle) [XI.C.65]

His copy of Joseph Pote's History and Antiquities of Windsor Castle (1749), heavily annotated and including inserted sheets of notes [Chapter Library].

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HEARD, Sir Isaac (1738-1822)
Herald; Garter King-of-Arms 1784-1822

Notes on Garter chapters 1778 and 1782, with miscellaneous notes c1775-89 (6 items) [X.18].


HOPE, Sir William Henry St John (1854-1919)
Archaeologist and antiquary

Correspondence with JN Dalton, AY Nutt and others, notes, etc relating to his Windsor Castle. An Architectural History (1913) (1 file) [XVII.61.102].

[See also DALTON, JN]


MARKHAM, David Frederick (1800-1853)
Canon of Windsor 1827-53

Extracts from statutes, Chapter books and Canon Evans' books 1841 (1 volume) [XI.D.44]

His copy of Joseph Pote's History and Antiquities of Windsor Castle (1749), heavily annotated and including inserted sheets of notes [Chapter Library].


OLLARD, Sidney Leslie (1875-1949)
Canon of Windsor 1936-48

Manuscript of lecture on the Aerary; and three letters from JR Liddell concerning certain Ashmole manuscripts 1936-37 (1 file) [XVII.43.23]

Papers concerning mediaeval inventories of St Georges Chapel in the Public Record Office including letter and notes by Margaret Deanesly 1938, and transcripts of inventories of 1384-85, 1409-10, 1501 and 1534 (1 volume, 2 envelopes) [IV. B.25, IV. B.30(a), IV. B.30(b)].

Miscellaneous correspondence with WH Frere, A Hamilton Thompson and others 1937-43 (1 file) [XVII.54.9]

Miscellaneous papers 1936-47 including orders of service for royal funerals, memoranda on aspects of Chapel administration and arrangements for the Garter Sexcentenary celebrations 1947 (40 items) [M.161].

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PELLY, Brigadier-General Raymond Theodore (1881-1952)
Military Knight of Windsor 1942-52

Notes on monuments in St George's Chapel, the Military Knights, etc c1945 (1 file) [IX.A.2].


SANDERSON, Robert (1587-1663)
Bishop of Lincoln 1660-63

'The civil life of Matthew Palmery', early 17th century (1 volume) [XVII.2.2]

His manuscript Common Prayer book, including copies of sermons (1 volume) [Chapter Library]

Manuscript book of arms, formerly owned by him (1 volume) [Chapter Library].


SCOT[T], Peter (d 1689)
Canon of Windsor 1671-89

Transcripts of statutes, injunctions and related historical documents, and lists of deans and canons (1 volume) [IV.B.21]. (The lists had been begun by canon Thomas Frith, and were to be continued by canons Evans, Goodall, Markham and Dalton.)


STANLEY, Arthur Penrhyn (1815-1881)
Dean of Westminster 1864-81, historian

Minutes of proceedings at his reception of two delegations concerning a proposed memorial to the Prince Imperial, with 29 letters to him on this subject and three draft replies, 1880 (2 volumes) [XVII.1.4].

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STEER, Francis William (1912-1978)
Archivist, antiquary and herald

Correspondence with MF Bond and working papers relating to Steer's proposed edition of The Catalogue of Honour (an early seventeenth-century manuscript recording English ennoblements from 1066 to the reign of James I) 1954-55 (1 file) [M.78].


VIDLER, Alexander Roper (1899-1991)
Canon of Windsor 1948-56

Album compiled by him of photographs and press cuttings c1952-73 concerning the 'Windsor Doves', a group of forty middle-aged ordinands trained by him while a canon (1 volume) [M.167].


WILLEMENT, Thomas (1786-1871)
Stained glass and heraldic artist and antiquary

Notebook including description of windows in the aisles of St George's Chapel 1844 (1 volume) [XVII.9.9]

Financial accounts, with sketches of coats of arms for windows in the Chapter Room, 1844-55 (1 bundle) [XVII.61.21].

[See also CUST, HC]


WREN, Matthew (1585-1667)
Dean of Windsor 1627-35

Collation by him of the Garter statutes of Henry VIII with other statutes 1631 (1 volume) [X.10].

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