21 March 2009

From a report of a boomerang-shaped UFO seen from Heathrow to close encounters in Norwich, the latest release of files at The National Archives sheds further light on the mystery of UFOs.

This third instalment of UFO files transferred by the Ministry of Defence, covering a period from 1987 to 1993, reveals a number of interesting reports, including the following.
  • In November 1989, RAF Wattisham in Norfolk received 'One of our most unusual UFO reports'. An unidentified female was approached by a man who claimed to come from another planet, similar to earth. During the ten-minute conversation, the man claimed his race was responsible for creating crop circles and also explained he felt it was important for contact between the two peoples to occur. As she ran home, the woman heard a loud buzzing noise behind her, and turned to see a large, glowing spherical object rise steadily until out of sight.
  • In December 1992, two air traffic controllers at Heathrow airport reported seeing a black inverted boomerang-shaped UFO from the airport control tower early in the morning. One week earlier, numerous witnesses in Louth, Lincolnshire, reported seeing three lights which appeared to be attached to a large triangular craft.

Part of a three-year project by the Ministry of Defence, this instalment features seven files, all available to download for free for a month from The National Archives' dedicated website: nationalarchives.gov.uk/ufos. The site provides a wealth of useful material, including a podcast by UFO expert Dr David Clarke.

Dr Clarke, a UFO expert and Journalism lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, said: 'From suspected US Air Force spy planes to Russian rockets burning up in the atmosphere, these new files show the many and varied explanations for UFO reports submitted to the MoD.

'Making the material available to all those who have an interest in this subject means that everyone, expert or amateur, can make an informed decision on the mystery of UFOs.'