Vladimir Mikhailovich Petrov/Evdokia Alexeyevna Petrova (KV2/3439 - 3440) 09/05/1946 - 22/08/1955

Petrov and his wife were career Russian Intelligence Service (RIS) officers who defected to Australia in 1954 when Petrov was head of the RIS station in Canberra. These two files give background on Petrov's state of mind and behaviour prior to defection, Security Service considerations for inducing his defection, the defection of Petrov itself, the information he gave on the whereabouts of Burgess and Maclean, the possibility of inducing Philip Kislitsyn, second Secretary at the Russian Embassy in Australia, to defect as well and the sending of British intelligence officers to Australia.

Files KV2/3439 and KV2/3440 are available to view on Discovery.