Mary Marita Margaret Perigoe alias Brahe

  • Catalogue ref: KV 2/3800
  • Date: 19/11/1941 - 25/11/1946

This case emerged from a plan formed in the early part of the war to establish the extent of pro-Nazi support among employees of Siemens (GB), a company previously known to have provided cover for German espionage. Marita Perigoe, the pro-Nazi wife of an interned member of the British Union of Fascists (BUF), was approached by an undercover MI5 agent, codenamed 'Jack King', with the aim of identifying individuals whose fascist views might cause them to commit acts of sabotage and to support  the enemy in the event of an invasion. Posing as the Gestapo's representative in Britain, the agent was seen by Perigoe and her fellow fascists as their link to Nazi Germany.

The agent was instructed not to encourage or foster acts of espionage, but was nevertheless presented with secret information linked to the war effort by individuals, including Perigoe herself, who wanted their information to reach Berlin. Examples included details of British research into jet propulsion and WINDOW, the radar screening technique.

The circle of reporting on pro-Nazi activity widened until the operation represented what was described in 1945 as the 'most valuable single source of information' about subversive fascist intentions in Britain.

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