German Intelligence Officers

Wilhelm August HOLLMANN (KV 2/3300) 27/02/1945 - 05/04/1945

A former secretary to the Jahnke Buro (an intelligence gathering agency in Germany, formed by Kurt Jahnke) in the 1930s, Hollmann joined the Abwehr in 1940 and was reported to have sought to use Ireland as a means of spying on England. The file also includes information on German plans for the invasion of Britain.

File KV 2/3300 is available to view on Discovery.

Dietrich NIEBUHR (KV 2/3301) 09/04/1945 - 22/10/1946

This German Navy Captain was naval attaché in Buenos Aires between 1936 and 1943. Under the auspices of the Etappendienst (German naval intelligence department) and the Abwehr, he was said to control German agents in Latin America, reporting on shipping movements and other maritime affairs. He was known as 'one of the most dangerous enemy agents' in Latin America.  Niebuhr was credited with having helped organise the escape from internment in Argentina of the crew of the famous 'Graf Spee'. Related files on the Ettapendienst feature in this release (KV 3/483 -KV 3/484).