Visit to France


Discussion - not negotn.
Fr. determined to develop nuclear potential - gt. diffies. ahead over that. Will complicate negotns. over suspension of tests. F.O. informing U.S. & Germans.
de G. has become paternal & polite. No longer cassant. Tho' confident as ever.
No v. clear plan, but gt. faith. Much easier to handle. He said:
'When I knew you before I carried on my shoulders the burden of a dishonoured country'.
Mollet is great strength - will he remain?
de G. doesn't understand Euro. F.T.A., and doesn't like it. Have left aide memoire with him. If he authorises fwd. move, it will be taken.


He will have proposals on NATO commands. But at least sees it as mondiale, not European.


30/9 referendum throughout Fr. Empire on new constitution. General feeling in France - much calmer. de G. is more dignified and calm than previous Fr. Ministers. Couve de M. is in posn. of gt. influence - he can explain things to de G.