This was 4th mtg. with Mr K.  Each time strengthening impn. of his quality & sensitiveness.  Contrast with previous Adminn.  Never at ease with them, except for my personal relns with Eis.  Mr K. & R. are quite frank:  easy to discuss w'out disguising diffes of view.
Wide area of agreement & understanding.
 Berlin.  Mr K.'s determination to get into negotn - wtr. probe goes well
                x|  or not.  Won't be deflected by French.  Agrees they wd. accept benefits of my agreement, while avoiding its odium.  They have moved v. far from earlier posns.  Joint approval of instns. to Amb. in Moscow.
 Tests.  Mr K. is under pressure.  But we found he has same feelings of distaste etc.  as I.  But as major n. power he feels v. responsible for m'taining balance.
 Congo.  Brief.  They over-rate Adoula.  Also over-rate competence of U.N. to hold country - their lack of Colonial experience.  We made some impression on this.
 U.N. Future.  Reproached them on Colonialism etc.  They take a more optimistic view.  They can at least say they did well over Chinese repn.
 Useful mtg.  Prs. best so far.  Mr K. not in v. good form - his father's illness:  his own back.  Good that it was at his suggn and on Br. soil - friendly gesture.  Better, too, at Govt. House vice Mid-Ocean.


Agree to x/.  Believe they also want to get into closer touch with R. over wider field if they can.
 T's instns. enough for 3 or 4 mtgs. to see if there is basis.  He, F.R. & Kroll all think there is.  If this goes well, F.M. Mtg.  If not, may be that or Summit.  But K. may p'pone action - even if Treaty may keep all under control.. Can't guess how it may go.
 U.S. Commandant's pol. adviser was stopped entering E. Berlin:  U.S. have responded by stopping R. Commandant from coming into U.S. sector.
 U.S. authies on spot are not acting wisely.  Another reason for hastening negotns etc.
 Probe likely to last 2-3 wks., unless it breaks down at outset.