Africa economic aid


Pol. advantages : for S.E.A. Col. Plan was relatively cheap for us.  Cd. we at least examine it.  But will there be enough support for it?


Dangers.  If small, wd. be a flop.  If large, & Commonwealth venture, we shd be expected to do more than we can.
 Shd. have to make it plain tht. we cd. do no more than programmed.  What cd. we get from others - £5 M. over 5 yrs?  Little reality in it then.
 Most we cd. do wd. be to remit it for study to C. Cttee. - after soundings to see wtr A & C. wd. give any support.
 V. rash to blow it up big before it's bn. examined.


Cd. we do better by raising it at Summit.  We want much more money than we cd. find w'in Commonwealth.


Help to I & P. mobilised thro' Bank.  Gap to be filled fr. overseas is "2.600 M over 5 yrs.
 When cd. you get anything on this scale for Africa?
 Better to go thro' Bank.


Found it on wider basis - if you want to get more.


Steer C. contn. into men vice money?

Taken from C.C. 29(60) - Meeting held on 6 May 1960